Sad Story of a Mom That Makes a Simple Mistake in the Kitchen and the Entire Family Dies Afterwards!

Potatoes are often considered as tasty food that could be used for preparation of different delicious recipes. In fact, this ingredient could be extremely unhealthy for us, and in some cases reported that it could be also lethal,

In case you are keeping your potatoes at home and you do so for a long period of time maybe you should consider throwing them away. In this article we are actually going to tell you why you should do so.

Maria Chelysheva was 8 years old and now she is an orphan. She comes from Russia and lost her family due to old potatoes that have rotten in her basement. At first her dad went in the basement in order to get the potatoes, but he never came back. Afterwards her mother went to check what is going on, but she also never came back.

The same also happened to her brother and grandmother. They all went in the basement but never came back. Maria decided to go and call their neighbor in order to help them, but once she arrived and went downstairs the same happened to her. Maria decided not to go downstairs because she was scared.

All of this has happened due to the presence of chemical compound found in potatoes which is called glycoalkaloids. This compound is actually what makes potatoes to be naturally toxic, and you don’t have to eat them but only to breathe in the chemicals.

Potatoes contain high concentration of glycoalkaloidsin which often increases once they rot. Maria has been very lucky that she decided not to go to the basement.

This story is definitely very sad and heartbreaking, but we have to warn you about the danger that rotten potatoes impose. It is important that once you notice that your potatoes are going bad that you should throw them away immediately.

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