12 Foods That Never Go Bad!

Each food item is obliged to have a printed label with “best before” date, and most of us throw away the food when it reaches this date. However, this does not mean that the food is inedible after this date; it is only given as an indication that up to that date the food product will keep its quality and freshness. In most cases food products that are over due date are still edible for days or even weeks.

Moreover, there are foods that can almost never go bad, and it is good to know which are those, therefore follow reading and find out which are the foods with long shelf life.

  1. Honey

This product has been used by people all around the world for centuries. In fact, archeologists managed to find honey in the pyramids of the ancient Egyptians, and miraculously it was still edible. We all have noticed how older honey becomesit gets crystallized, but this does not mean that it should be thrown away; it can be warmed, stirred up and still consumed.

Have in mind that in order for your honey never to go bad ensure no bread crumbs or butter entering into the container.

  1. Maple syrup

Maple syrup in this respect is very similar to honey; it never goes bad thanks to the high sugar content. However, if it turns clumpy, just soak the bottle in warm water to restore its smooth, liquid state.

  1. Sugar

Each type of sugar does not go bad, including powdered sugar, regular sugar, brown sugar, dextrose, and so on. The reason for that is because bacteria do not thrive on sugar, and as a result of that do not accumulate on it. This offers the sugar unlimited shelf life.

  1. Corn starch

This product is widely used in cooking, particularly when we want our sauce to become thicker. Corn starch can be used almost forever provided that it is properly stored.

  1. Pasta and noodles

Pasta and dried noodles made of whole grain can last forever. But, in order to have them in the right way you need to boil them in clean water.

  1. Rice

Natural long-grain rice and brown rice can get spoiled as a result of the higher fat content. On the other hand, the white rice like Basmati has an unlimited shelf life.

  1. Salt

This product can stay forever, no matter in which form you are using it, like the classic table salt, sea salt or salt crystals. In order to avoid formation of clumps you need to keep it dry, but even when such thing occurs, it will not affect its flavor or edibility.

  1. Water

Even though each bottle of water has the best before date this doesnot refer to the water but to the use of the bottle.Namely, if you have an older bottle of water the plasticizers in the bottle may have leeched into the water thus making it impure and not safe for use. But, if the water is kept in sealed glass bottles in a cool, dark place, it will not go bad.

  1. Clarified butter

This type of butter is low on protein and water, and because of that it can be kept unspoiled for a longer period of time.

  1. White wine vinegar

This product has wide range of uses, and if properly stored, it can last for a long period of time. Distilled white wine vinegar can be used for various salad dressings, as a cleaning agent and as a natural deodorizer.

  1. Liquor

Liquor is always good for consumption, even when the bottle is opened. The aroma stays for a longer period of time in an open bottle, so there is no rush in finishing the bottle of rum, vodka, or tequila.

  1. Canned foods

Foods preserved in this type of package never go bad. They may change in consistency, taste and color, but they do not go bad. But, if the tin gets damaged, then there is no guarantee for unlimited shelf life.

It is a good thing to always have storage of all the above mentioned foods in your pantry for god forbid situations like in natural disasters, including blackouts, flooding, storms, and so on. Moreover, government agencies in charge of emergency issues recommend that all households should keep non-perishable provisions, which will be enough to feed the members of the household for up to two weeks. Being prepared for such situations will bring you comfort that you and your family has something to rely on till proper help comes.


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