5 Signs of Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Shown on Your Face!

Performing blood tests is the common procedure for detecting any kind of vitamin shortage, but these tests are not cheap, and you need to do many of them in order to find out the right deficiency. It is a fact that they will precisely display if you lack some of the nutrients, and show you how low you are on them. However, there is a simpler and cheaper method that can tell you which vitamins your body needs and on which ones it is short.

The human face is a mirror to your health, and because of that you need to pay a special attention to it because it can inform you which vitamins your body needs.

Face Signs of Nutrient Shortages

Puffy Eyes – Iodine Deficiency

Puffy eyes and bloated legs are an indication of iodine shortage. In addition to these symptoms are as well as dry skin, fragile nails, and weight gain.
You can enhance your iodine levels by the intake of salty foods as this is the primary source of iodine.  In your diet you can also include sea vegetables, seaweed, and saltwater fish, which are known for high content of iodine.

Pale Complexion
If you notice that your face becomes paler day by day, then this may suggest lack of vitamin B12. Likewise, you need to check your tongue in order to determine whether it is completely smooth, and if that is the case then you are most likely that you are short of this vitamin. Other symptoms may occur, and those are fatigue and memory issues.
Boost vitamin B12 levels by taking higher quantities of wild-caught fish, organic poultry and grass-fed meats.

Pale Lips – Iron Deficiency
Pale lips and gums are n indication of iron shortage. The symptoms of iron deficiency are more visible in women than in men. If you lack iron, the body will try to obtain the needed iron by feeling like dirt, ice, or clay. Satisfy the iron needs by higher consumption of red meat, fish, dried beans, and spinach.

Bleeding or Sensitive Gums
Teeth that are not in good health along with aching and bleeding gums are signs of vitamin C shortage. Vitamin C is highly needed for our body, and if it is not present in sufficient amounts, then it can trigger major health issues like muscle pains and scurvy. Scurvy is a disease which can cause all your teeth to fall out, especially if not treated on time.

Therefore, make sure to take in larger quantities of foods high in vitamin C, including kiwi, red peppers, berries, fruits, mango, cantaloupe, papaya, and watermelon.

Bad Hair – Vitamin B7 Deficiency
If you experience this issue manifested in brittle and dry hair and hair affected with dandruff, then this would mean that your body lacks Vitamin B7, or biotin. Commonly people lack this vitamin when they are on some prescribed antibiotics, which can damage the intestinal bacteria accountable for synthesizing biotin.
For that reason, make sure to eat foods high in biotin like mushrooms, egg yolks, and cauliflower.


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