Here’s How to Prevent Kidney Stones Formation by Using Lemons

Kidneys are the filters of the blood and are of vital importance for the overall body. However, they can get easily affected by the formation of kidney stones. This can be painful a urinary disorder mostly affecting people after their forties, and more specifically the male gender.

Kidney stones are formation of hard crystals in the kidneys which can go to the urinary tract like the bladder or ureters and which doctors referred to as urolithiasis.

In most cases the kidney stones are removed via the ducts of the urinary system. However, these ducts are small particularly the ones linking the kidneys and bladder. These crystals vary in size starting from millimeters up to several centimeters in diameter and because of that they can easily obstruct a ureter thus causing great pain. This condition is recognized as renal colic.

Types of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are being formed due to the crystallization of mineral salts and the presence of acids in high concentration. There are different types of calculations:

Calcium concentration

The most common type of calculation is the one originating from a calcium concentration. They are formed from calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate or as a combination of these two compounds. Here the crystallization occurs due to dehydrated body, excess of vitamin D, diet high in calcium oxalate or as a result of certain medicinal treatment.

Struvite concentration

Struvite is a mineral belonging to the phosphate family and this type of calculation is linked to bacterial infections or urinary tract infections.

Uric acid concentration

This type of calculation commonly occurs after an infection, but people undergoing chemotherapy or people who suffer from gout can also have it.

Cystine concentration

These calculations are usually a result of the inherited genes and are present even from childhood. They are created due to the high production of cystine which is hardly soluble in the urine.

Calculations can be seen while urinating, or they can get accompanied with the symptoms like:  blood in the urine, a sharp pain in the lower back more precisely in the lumbar vertebrae and anuria, which is a rare case, but it is manifested by urine shortage common for people with single kidney as the calculus obstructs the urethra.

Lemon Water – A Natural Alternative for Kidney Stones Removal

Lemon is a great natural prevention against the formation of kidney stones as per the statements of the Mayo Clinic. The reason for that is the presence of citric acid which is protective element against the kidney stones. There is also the citrate content that prevents the crystallizing of calcium that creates the kidney stones.

People that want to remove kidney stones need to drink plenty of water or liquids as they need to urinate 2 quarts of water per day which means daily drinking over 8 cups of fluids. The intake of lemon water is a very beneficial for these people as it will hydrate their body and help in the removal of stones. In order to eliminate the excess of mineral salts in the body which is the main culprit for the formation of kidney stones we need to drink half a glass of lemon juice diluted in water. According to Dr. Eisner of Harvard Medical School this consumption could prevent and lower the risk of developing kidney stones.

Here is the proper ratio for the lemon water.


  • 2 organic lemons
  • 8 cups of water

Preparation: Nicely wash the lemons and then juice them. Add the lemon juice into the water and store the solution in your fridge. If you wish you can add a little bit of honey and thus always enjoy refreshing lemonade in the hot summer days.


Lemon should not be consumed in cases of citrus allergies, burns or stomach ulcers. After the consumption of lemon water, wait 30 minutes before you brush your teeth as there is a risk of damaging the tooth enamel.



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