Natural Ways to Get Rid of Water Retention & Lose Weight

Water is the basis of our whole body system; in fact 70% of it is made of water. The presence of water in the body regulates the blood, nourishes the muscles and helps with the functioning of the body organs. However, the body can get affected by too much water presence thus leading to a condition known as water retention.

Water retention occurs when the body does not eliminate the water entirely, meaning when there is a disturbance between the amount of water that the body absorbs and the amount of water it removes. In such case certain body areas are being affected by swelling or edema which means that you are dealing with water retention.

Symptoms of Water Retention

The symptoms of this condition are not painful but more represent a physical issue and can be very embarrassing.

You suffer from this condition if you experience the following body changes:

  • The appearance of your skin changes particularly when you tap the area that is swollen. If you press the swelling part the imprint of your fingers will remain.
  • The swollen body areas seem as you have gain weight and you may as well, as the removal of the toxins is reduced that can lead to extra kilos. Swollen legs or ankles do not look nice especially not when wearing leggings.
  • As a result of water retention you may experience pain in various muscles. Likewise, you may feel stiffness in some joint members.
  • Severe itching can result from water retention.

Factors that Promote Water Retention

  1. Sedentary lifestyle and poor blood circulation

If your lower body is being affected by water retention, then it is most likely because of your sedentary lifestyle. Long sitting hours hamper proper blood circulation thus leading to the appearance of swollen legs and ankles in the evening. Plus, if you experience a blood circulation issue, it can lead to the onset of water retention.

  1. Poor diet

Rich diet in salt can be one of the reasons for having water retention. The content of sodium in salt is important for the regulation of the blood pressure. However, if there is plenty of it, it can greatly harm the body. Be careful with the intake of industrial products as they are packed with salt and can trigger water retention.

  1. Hormonal imbalance

When the body experiences hormonal fluctuations like in case of pregnancy, period of menstruation, or taking contraceptive pills, then the female body becomes susceptible to water retention. The secretion of estrogen and progesterone can cause swelling in certain body areas.

Ways to Battle against Water Retention and Lose Weight

  1. Remove stress from your life

Stress can lead to higher intake of sodium and thus trigger blood circulation issues. As per the findings of a carried out study, stress can disrupt the heart rate and reduce the fluid secreted by the body.

  1. Eliminate industrial products from your diet

Industrial and processed foods are loaded with additives and salt. As per a conducted study excess sodium can influence blood pressure and take a great role in the development of edema.

  1. Sleep well

Not having enough sleep can influence the balance of water and sodium amount in the body. Studies have revealed that the quality and duration of sleep is vital for the adequate functioning of metabolism and hormones.

  1. Take up a sports activity or visit the sauna

If you perform a certain sports activity or often visit the sauna, you will remove the excess fluid from the body and regulate the sweating. As per a performed study on this issue, sweating and heat exposure can lower water and excess sodium in the body.


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