Why It is Important to Massage Your Feet before Going to Bed

When we think of a massage we think of relaxation and stress relief from all the daily tasks and chores. However, in order to get the full body massage you will need a professional to perform it, especially if you need it for sports or therapeutic purpose. In terms of relaxation the person that applies it still needs to have a certain level of training and technical sophistication.

Nonetheless, when you need to relieve the tension from your daily pressure your partner can offer you the massage if he or she knows certain few gestures. But, the trick is to offer your body moment of relaxation without depending on anyone, and that can be achieved via massaging your feet.

This body part is the easiest reachable part and can get massaged whenever you want. You may consider how the feet can help me with the needed relaxation, but according to plantar reflexology by introducing some techniques we can take care of our feet and the rest of our body by targeting specific points to relax.

Our feet support the rest of the body and ensure a great deal of body movements and displacements. Namely, one foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles, and125, 000 sweat glands. Plus, our feet have more than 7,200 nerve endings related to all body organs.

Yet, they are the least taken care of body part that can offer a lot for our overall well-being. Our feet are in fact an extension to the other body organs which can be reached via feet massage. A foot massage is as beneficial as the one applied to the neck, shoulders and back.

Our Feet – The Link to Other Body Organs

The plantar reflexology maintains that via massaging specific points in the feet we are actually enhancing the health of the other body organs meanwhile taking care of our feet. You can offer great wonders to your body if you massage your feet before going to bed.

There is still no strong scientific evidence on the direct benefits of reflexology, but many specialists are aware of its benefits and recommend its use. After all, it is a non-invasive nature that acts positively on the overall well-being and offers great comfort for the body.

A foot massage lasting 10 to 15 minutes by using a cream or an essential oil will offer great benefits for the body organs but as well as it will relax the body and mind.

Thanks to its use you will sleep like a baby as it can boost the blood circulation while lowering tension. It will relax your muscles while helping to soothe the pain caused by uncomfortable shoes or long walks. Plus, when performing it you will check your feet for any blisters, fungi and diseased nails and thus prevent their aggravation.

A Foot Massage Technique

You should use this massage before going to bed and enjoy all its remarkable benefits. It is best always to be applied by a trained specialist, but if you follow the below mentioned steps you can perform it by yourself at the comfort of your home.

Step 1 – First find a position that is comfortable to you. Next, bend your leg and place your foot on the other leg. Take a special massage lotion, cream or oil, and with it gently massage the entire foot going through the toes, heel and foot.

Step 2 – Start the massage deeper by using your fist in a dynamic back and forth movement similar to the one when kneading bread. Hold your foot with both hands and by using the thumbs start massaging the muscles and skin. In order to relax the lower foot muscles, you need first gently to pull the toes forward and back, and then from right to left.

Perform this massage for at least 5 minutes, and after that apply it to the other foot as well.



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