5 Best Tips for Losing Weight without Dieting

Losing weight is a hard and long process that requires strong will and determination. You need to have a set mind in order to be successful. However, the implementation of so called quick diets that deprive your body from the needed nutrients cannot be successful on the long run. They may offer first positive results but in the end they can initiate the yo-yo effect thus ending up with more pounds than before. You need to follow a healthy and balanced diet along with a regular physical activity in order to successfully lose weight.

You need first to review your diet, and to incorporate good habits that will promote your physical and mental well-being. The choice of food ingredients needs to be wise and thus avoid falling in the trap of most draconian diets. In this article we shall present you 5 tips by Dr. Michel Mosley, author of The Fast 800 book that will help you to lose weight without hard effort.

As in every aspect of life you need first to evaluate your steps and understand which things are the ones that impede your weight loss. When you establish this you can opt for the diet that best suits you. You need to eliminate all unhealthy habits that have been your routine and once you achieve that the results will be inevitable.

What are considered bad habits?

Usually they are the small things that you do every day without even noticing like a glass of soda along with your meal, nibbling in front of the TV or computer screen, canned sauce for the pasta, and so on. These habits along with sedentary lifestyle contribute to weight piling over time. Furthermore, stress, bad sleeping patterns, processed foods, and sugar contribute to fat build-up.

You should not get immediately frustrated if you have these habits as they can be quickly eliminated and replaced with healthy ones. All you need to do is to follow certain rules and they will be history. It is very important to acknowledge our mistakes and when we do that the progress in positive direction will come soon.

A List of Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle

  • Opt for grills instead of fries

High intake of fried foods is a sure step to weight gain, but as well as to poor health. Therefore, try to eliminate all the fries and meats and opt for oven cooking or barbecue. These methods will offer more flavors, but less calories.

  • Exclude butter

This dairy product is high in saturated fatty acids, and a healthy meal can be transformed into a meal with harmful fats. Therefore, you need to replace it with olive oil or rapeseed oil.

  • Go for whole grains

In order for your weight loss to be successful you should not get frustrated while dieting and because of that you can consume rice, pasta and bread. But, instead of the irregular ones you should consume the ones made of complete cereals that will offer pleasure and health.

  • Start cooking

As you are already aware canned and industrial foods are loaded with additives and packed with sugar and salt which is very nicely stated on their labels. In fact, they contain 3 times more of sugar or salt which is very bad for your figure and health. Therefore, you should opt for home-made meals as only then you are sure what your body receives. Cooking can be fun, so start as of today.

  • Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones

All those cravings for chocolate cake or cookie in the middle of the afternoon or a packet of crisps in front of a movie should be stopped. There are healthier alternatives like carrot or cucumber sticks, a handful of nuts or a few squares of dark chocolate.



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