The Most Effective Natural Concoction against Cholesterol, Hypertension & Stress

Mother Nature has offered us many powerful natural ingredients that can offer a lot for our general health. For instance, the garlic, onion and lemon are not just cooking ingredients but as well as healthy ingredients that can enhance the overall health and well-being.

The traditional Ayurveda highly recommends the intake of these ingredients. Here it is what they can offer separately:


This veggie is packed with vitamin C that will protect the immune system and boost its function. Onion is high in vitamin B9 or folic acid which takes a crucial role in the metabolic action. Plus, it supports the creation of red blood cells and the proper function of the nervous system. Onion contains minerals like potassium that is required for proper nerve transmission, kidney and muscle functions.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common health issue for many people, but the intake of onion can help in the regulation of the level of systolic pressure. It regulates the presence of cholesterol in the blood thus protecting the body from the onset of a cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, there is the rich content of flavonoids which are antioxidants that can successfully battle against the free radicals in the body and neutralize their harmful effects.


Garlic and the onion belong to the same family of alliaceous. Both veggies are complementary in the use of the alternative medicine. But, garlic differs in the content of an active ingredient known as allicin that is a powerful compound that can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels inthe body thereby protecting the cardiovascular system.


Lemon is a great source of vitamin C and fiber like pectin that supports the optimal function of the intestinal flora. Its intake will allow a better assimilation of nutrients, degradation of lipids and synthesis of intestinal hormones that keep the adequate function of the digestive organs. It is very beneficial for the liver accountable for the removal of toxins from the body. In terms of antioxidants, it contains polyphenols that limits the fat build-up in the bodythus preventing weight gain. Further on, it is known for its high citric acid content that limits calcium deposition in the kidneys preventing the formation of kidney stones.

The rich content of vitamin C covers 74% of the daily requirements of this vitamin, a nutrient crucial for the synthesis of cortisol, a hormone that manages the stress to which the body is being persistently subjected.

When these ingredients get combined the result is a powerful natural remedy that can protect your body from various diseases.

Here it is how to prepare this natural remedy and thus have it always at home and use it when needed.

The Healthy Concoction

For optimal affects you need to use solely organic ingredients.


  • 3 lemons
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 onion
  • A 1 inch ginger root
  • A spoonful of pure honey


Begin with peeling the garlic cloves and then use a pestle and mortar so that to create garlicthick paste. Next, peel off the onion and grate it. Grate the ginger and in the end add the lemons and honey. The resulting mixture keep it for 8 days in a cool place, and after that period strain it and transfer it into a sterilized glass jar.

Use: As a preventive take 1 teaspoon a day or 1 teaspoon prior every meal.


Garlic is not advised for people with porphyria and for the people who have had surgery due to its anticoagulant effect that could cause hemorrhages.

This concoction is not recommended for people suffering from citrus allergies, biliary disorders, burns or stomach ulcers.

You should not brush your teeth after its consumption as the lemon can harm the tooth enamel.

Breastfeeding women should not use it as its intake will change the taste of the milk.

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