The Top 4 Fat Burning Foods to Lose Weight Without Doing Any Exercises

Following a sports activity is one way of losing weight, but there can be other ways like the consumption of certain foods. These foods can even stimulate the burning for the most stubborn belly fat. Therefore, in this article we shall present you 4 foods that can provide all that.

Excess abdominal fat can put your body greatly at risk for developing a cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes. The main cause for having bigger waistline is the high intake of sugar that you probably take in every day as per the findings of Zana Morris, a nutritionist and author of The High Fat Diet. She states that the insulin is released by the intake of sugar that prompts up fat storage. This can be treated by the implementation of the following 4 foods that will limit the absorption of sugar and fat.

Best Fat Burning Foods

  • Lemon

This citrus fruit is present in most diets due to its high efficacy in terms of weight loss. Thanks to the rich content of vitamin C the body’s immune system gets boosted and the build-up of toxins in the intestine removed. As per a performed study, a diet that is high in vitamin C that comes with a regular physical activity can contribute to burning of 30% of body fat. Further on, lemon facilitates proper digestion and thanks to its fiber content the feeling of fullness is preventing you from having cravings during the day.

  • Eggs

Your body needs protein and fresh eggs are packed with it, and also with fat, but low in carbohydrates. As per a conducted study eggs contain the right concentration of proteins that will offer the feeling of satiety thanks to which you will eat less heat meals during the day.

The consumption of eggs for breakfast is an effective way for better weight loss, especially when included in a low-calorie diet as per a released study in the International Journal of Obesity. You may find it strange the fact that fatty foods can help in lowering the waistline, but this is possible. They contain omega 3, a fatty acid that elevates the urge for physical activity in people that are not prone to exercising, as per a conducted stud. On the other hand, omega 3 shows anti-inflammatory features and control cortisol levels thus lowering the level of stress. Omega 3 is also highly present in fatty fish like fresh tuna, salmon and sardines.

  • Almonds

As per a conducted study the intake of almonds as snack can elevate satiety. These nuts are great source of fiber that helps in the ingestion of fat and foods that are rich in sugar. The content of omega 3 in almonds will offer the needed energy for the body thus stimulating it for the performance of a physical activity.

  • Green tea

This tea has great ability in fat burning due to the remarkable content of antioxidants, including polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids. They protect the cells from the harmful effects of the free radicals and activate the fat cells’ metabolism of the body. Therefore, it is a great liquid while dieting. Plus, its consumption can help in the regulation of the glucose intake and reduce blood sugar levels as per a conducted 2013 study.

Bear in mind, in order to experience a successful weight loss you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle meaning a healthy and balanced diet, optimal hydration, and a regular physical activity.


Eggs need to be consumed moderately by people who suffer from high cholesterol.

People with stomach ulcers and heartburn should not consume lemon.


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