How to Calculate Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Daily Calorie Needs

The body metabolism is the one that defines our physic, biological sleep rhythm, the aging speed of body cells, and the way how our body burns or assimilates the calories that are being ingested on daily basis.

In order to experience successful weight loss, we need to determine the needed energy for our body that requires proper function. Moreover, it is important to find out the best alternative for losing weight without subjecting our body to a great shock.

Basic metabolism

This type of metabolism represents the energy that the body requires to function accordingly. The body’s metabolism is accountable for converting the consumed food in energy and if needed stored as fat in the body. The body’s metabolism is active even when you rest as the body organism needs energy to breathe, think, sleep, or dream. Plus, while sleeping the body still needs energy to do the cell repair, physical functions of the blood circulation, and hormone regulation.

The Caloric Intake for Basic Metabolism

People are not the same and differ in the way how their metabolism works and because of that some people easily gain weight and some don’t when they consume the same amount of food.

Factors that can slow down the metabolism are genetics, the thyroid gland and hormones. Naturally, there is also the diet and lifestyle in general.

Both genders differ in their caloric requirements, namely an inactive man should take in 2100 calories on daily basis and an inactive woman needs 1800 calories daily in order to obtain the energy for the performance of its functions.

However, this division in calories cannot be the same for every person no matter of the sex as there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining the basic metabolism of the body.

Here they are:

  1. Sex

Men have more muscle mass than women and because of that it is normal that men need more calories than women.

  1. Age

The amount of muscle mass is determined by the age of the person, and the younger population is with a higher mass index. As we age the muscle mass gets reduced and instead of it the fat takes place.

  1. Size

Size matters when burning calories, for instance, it has been proven that tall people burn more calories at meals than those who are average or smaller.

  1. Weight

The body weight is being regulated in a natural way due to the genetics and thus responds to the mechanisms of functioning of different organs.

These factors are very important in establishing the basic metabolism and for that purpose there is an effective method. So, if you wonder what the rate of your metabolism is, there is a simple method that can help you with that.

A Calculation of the Basal Metabolic Rate by the Mifflin St Jeor Equation:

The calculation of a man that doesn’t follow a regular physical activity is the following one:

10 x weight (in kilograms) + 6.25 x height (in centimeters) – 5 x age (in years) + 5

The calculation of a woman that doesn’t follow a regular physical activity is the following one:

10 x the weight (in kilograms) + 6.25 x the height (in centimeters) – 5 x the age (in years) – 161

Weight Loss with the Mifflin St Jeor Equation

The weight loss can be very successful by measuring the basic metabolic rate, and that can be done without harming your body and health. Instead of the follow up of all those draconian diets that are based on very low calorie intake you should try to enhance your metabolism and thus lose weight without harming your health.

Consume healthy meals

All the draconian diets can be the reason for the occurrence of the yo-yo effect and that is a result of such calorie reduction that will slow down the body’s metabolism. Hence, you should never lose fewer calories than the daily requirements. For instance, you can take in the needed calories from healthy food products like the homemade pizza made of buckwheat dough, spinach, mushrooms and homemade sauce.

Perform a sport activity and weigh training

If you want to burn more calories than fat, then you should know that muscle mass is the one that does all that. You should opt for an activity that combines cardio and strength training. Thanks to the cardio you will lose fat and weight. On the other hand, while perfuming weight training, you are boosting the basic metabolism and thus shaping your body figure and burning more calories. You should follow it 3 – 4 times a week and thus turning it into a great slimming ally.

Avoid stress

Stress is one of the main causes for weight gain and when the body is too anxious and stressed the signals for hunger and satiety are misread. Plus, in such case the affected person is more prone to the consumption of high caloric foods that eventually will lead to weight gain. There are natural ways that can help in the weight loss process like meditation or yoga that will prevent the negative impact of the stress.


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