5 Beauty Tips to Naturally Enhance Your Hair, Nails & Skin with Lemon

Lemon is incredibly beneficial citrus fruit displaying a wide range of health benefits that can as well as serve as an excellent cleaning and beauty agent.

Its use will be very helpful in the treatment of your hair, nails, and skin enhancing your natural beauty. Its potency lies in the valuable content of vitamin C that reveals a wide range of properties concerning our health and well-being. This vitamin acts as a powerful antioxidant that can fight off the harmful effects of the free radicals that are the main reason for premature aging.

In terms of cosmetics it is very powerful thanks to its excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Additionally, this fruit is a great source of fiber that will offer many beneficial virtues.

Here are the tips that will become incredible beauty tips for your body:

5 Beauty Tips for Your Hair and Skin  

  1. Stronger and whiter nails

This citrus fruit can prevent the appearance of broken nails making them stronger and at the same time brighter and lighter. Thanks to the content of citric acid and vitamin C it can act as a bleaching agent and at the same it will make them shiny.

For that purpose, you should regularly apply a mixture of lemon juice with garlic and olive oil. Use this solution to massage your nails for 10 to 15 minutes and in that way you will obtain the most of the used mixture.

  1. Lighter dark spots of the skin

The content of vitamin C or ascorbic acid will act as an exfoliant and thus help in lightening the skin. Once the epidermis exfoliates, the dead skin cells will be removed along with the ones that cause dark pigmentation. Visible results will appear after several regular uses of lemon and milk mixture.

You should combine lemon juice with milk and for that purpose you need to soak a cotton piece into the mixture and thus use it to perform a massage of your skin with circular motions and thus exfoliate it. You can use it on your face, hands or on the underarm area.

  1. Removes blackheads and clears your skin

Vitamin C has a vital role in the removal of blackheads on the skin. It kills the bacteria that cause acne. Lemon contains an acid that is very important in the removal of toxins and in the regulation of the sebum production as its excess makes the skin oilier and favors the occurrence of pimples and even blackheads.

You should use lemon juice onto your face and with it massage it gently. Let it stay on for around 10 minutes, and after that wash it off.

Do not forget to hydrate your skin after each use with your regular moisturizer, or some of the essential oils.

  1. Treatment of your lips

This citrus fruit reveals exfoliating properties for your lips that helps them to eliminate dead skin cells making them softer.

When you finish with brushing your teeth, you should put some lemon juice on your lips before bedtime.

  1. Shiny hair

The water contains limescale which affects the health of your hair. The use of citric acid will restore the shine and natural beauty of your hair.

While showering, in the last water add some lemon juice and with it rinse your hair. This operation cannot be performed more than once a week.


Lemon is photosensitizing and if you expose your skin directly to the sun you will make the risk of staining extremely higher.

Although very beneficial for your lips, you should not use it on chapped lips.

Make sure not to overdo with the use of lemon juice on your hair as that will make it drier and substantially damage it.

In order to apply all these tips, you need to make sure that your health is safe and to be on the safe side check with your doctor.

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