15 Toxic Plants that You Should Remove from Your Home

Mother Nature has offered us a wide range of vegetation that sustains our planet through photosynthesis. The plants on the Earth keep the equilibrium of the atmosphere by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. The Zen atmosphere of your home along with the quality of air is being achieved by the introduction of certain plants that can offer their beauty and make your home more pleasant for living. In addition to this, some plants can also offer great benefits for your health, lower stress, soothe the fatigue and boost the overall mood.

However, some plants can have negative influence in your home and become toxic. Hence, you need to recognize the plants that will offer the needed benefits for your home and body and avoid the ones that reveal negative effects. Some of the plants that you may have in your home can affect your health and the one of your pets.

15 Plants that You Need to Remove from Your Home

  1. Azalea

It is a very beautiful plant which is very appealing and offers great color in your home, but although very pretty these flowers can be dangerous for your health. Namely, the flowers are toxic due to the presence of glycoside on their leaves that can harm your health. Once it enters the body, it can cause breathing issues, abdominal pain, paralysis or death. Hence, you need to ensure that this plant is not located near your children or pets.

  1. Brovalia

This plant belongs to the family Solanaceae and can be with white, lilac or blue flowers. It is a plant that is nicely branched and usually grows in pots and decorates the balconies of many homes. Do not forget that it is toxic and needs to get handled with extreme care and placed out of reach from children and animals.

  1. Brunfelsia

This shrub is high in alkaloids and brunfelsamidine which is a dangerous substance found in this plant that can cause neuro-toxic effects, especially when your pets are concerned.

  1. Clivia

This plant has beautiful flowers that are known as lilies but containing a toxin. When this toxin gets ingested, it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, irritation and in some cases paralysis. Make sure not to touch them, but in such case wash your hands completely.

  1. Cyclamen

These flowers look beautifully inside and outside due to the content of cyclamine which is a toxic substance found in high quantities in the tuber. If it gets ingested it can cause intoxication manifested by vomiting, upset stomach, nausea and in some cases muscle paralysis.

  1. Cheflera

This houseplant with tropical origin is substantially toxic to animals. Once ingested, it can cause digestive disorders, diarrhea, and vomiting.

  1. Dieffenbachia

This plant is very pleasant to look at and it is very popular and because of that we can find it in many interiors like offices, hospitals, houses, etc. But, you need to know that this plant can be very toxic and trigger dangerous allergic reactions. If by any chance they are ingested, they can cause the swelling of the airways thus leading to asphyxiation.

  1. Euphorbia

This plant is even toxic to the touch. In fact, any plant belonging to the family Euphorbia as a result of its toxicity can cause burns or irritation. In case of ingestion you need to seek for immediate medical care and because of that remove it from your home if you have children.

  1. Ficus

This plant is also referred to as the rubber and many people have it in their homes. This is not the most harmful plant present in your home, but the sap that it contains in its leaves can have certain toxic effect. It can cause stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting.

  1. Ivy

This is a climbing plant that wide spreads very quickly fulfilling the room with colorful greenness. But, it is significantly toxic and can cause allergies. Plus, the ingestion of berries may cause acute diarrhea, vomiting, and in some cases even hallucinations, or asphyxia that can end up terminally.

  1. Malagasy Palm

In the case of this plant the latex is extremely harmful. Therefore, if you opt to still have it in your home handle it with extra care by wearing gloves and after that nicely wash your hands.

  1. Malabar Lily


Although very beautiful with bright red flower this plant is not trustworthy. Namely, the whole plant contains crocus, a dangerous poison that can have terminal consequences when ingested.

  1. Primrose

The flowers of this plant are very appealing and because of that you can find them in various windows, terraces, and balconies. Have in mind that when they bloom, they emit toxic substances that can cause vertigo and nausea. The effect of this plant can be even more enhanced if you plant several at the same time.

  1. Philodendron Monstera

This plant brings great green freshness in your living room, but if by any chance their leaves are being ingested your body will get harmed. Namely, their ingestion will cause severe pain and irritation that will contribute to the formation of blisters and oral edema. Plus, it can cause hoarseness or loss of voice. In a case of severe intoxication the affected person needs to seek for an immediate medical intervention.

  1. San Pedro

This plant represents a variety of cactuses that have been extremely popular in interior decoration. But, this plant is very toxic due to the content of mescaline and alkaloids. It is considered to be psychotropic and its intake can cause hallucinations or paralysis of the central nervous system.




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