9 Expert Tips on Weight Loss and Obesity

There are many diets available on the net offering positive and quick results. It can be so confusing till you find out the diet that mostly suits your needs. The balance that you need to reach is very difficult and confusing with all that data available. You can never be sure which diet would be the one that works. It seems that most people forget the simple and basic principles of successful weight loss and that is following a healthy and balanced diet along with a regular physical activity. These principles will for sure prevent excess weight gain and at the same time offer the optimal health for the body.

Here it is what doctors recommend in terms of weight loss and obesity:

9 Expert Tips on Weight Loss and Obesity

Have in mind that a follow-up of a diet is not an easy task; you need to have strong will and determination. But, there are some tips that can help in the fight against obesity and weight gain and these are not based on draconian diets and nutrient deprivation. You need to find the diet that best suits you, remove from your diet all sorts of processed foods, and introduce solely healthy ingredients that will protect your health and boost the weight loss process.

All those diets that last for short period of time depriving you from all essential nutrients are not beneficial for the weight loss; in fact they only contribute to the yo-yo effect making you to gain even more weight.

Here are the tips that doctors recommend that will offer optimal motivation and lasting results:

Dr. Stephen R. Daniels Recommends – “Get back to basics”

Avoid the use of all the recipes that are circulating on the web, but opt for a simple and healthy diet that is followed by a regular physical activity.

Dr. Dean Schillinger Recommends – “Say stop to sodas”

Sodas and a wide range of fizzy drinks contain only “empty” calories which do not offer the feeling of fullness and push the liver to produce abdominal fat. In order to avoid the harmful effects of these beverages, you need to choose natural drinks that are based on various combinations of fruits and vegetables. According to a conducted study, sugary drinks do not contain any nutritional value, but in fact elevate the risk of diabetes, obesity, and dental caries.

Dr. David S. Ludwig Recommends – “Do not Count Calories”

When dieting you should not count the calories turning it into an obsession as that is an unhealthy way to lose weight. All calories are not equal and in the process of depriving your body from the calories you will forget the importance of quality food and opting for the fries with 100 calories instead of the cucumber with 100 calories.

Dr. Jaideep Behari Recommends – “Have realistic goals”

You should always aim for the healthy weight as each body is different. You should always opt for the weight that is healthy for you and not to strive towards unrealistic goals that will cause even more frustration that will annihilate all your efforts and motivation.

Dr. Michael Jensen Recommends – “The mind above all”

Once you decide to start the weight loss process, you need to be aware of the fact that this choice cannot be taken lightly. Your lifestyle needs to be changed and all the bad habits excluded from your daily life and that requires strong will and determination. Bear in mind the fact that the weight loss is not done in a day, but it is a long process that needs to be solely followed by a healthy and balanced diet.

Dr. Susan B. Roberts Recommends – “Do not give up on tasty food”

When following a diet you should not deprive yourself from foods that are very tasty for you. There is nothing worse than experiencing a frustration while dieting. Dr. Susan B. Roberts recommends a balanced diet that has been based on dishes that are high in flavors. In this way you will see the weight loss as a positive thing motivating you even more to fulfilling your goal.

Dr. Stephen Pont Recommends – “Surround yourself with people who support you”

The surroundings are very crucial in this process, so when dieting your closed ones can be of great help. If they adopt healthy habits, you will be able to incite each other and thus achieve the desired goals. When working as a group of family the results are also inevitable.

Dr. Lawrence J. Appel Recommends – “Get Informed”

Your efforts will be sustainable if you pay attention to the caloric intake of your food. Yet, bear in mind that the counting of calories should not be the base of the dieting, but sustaining the nutritional value of the consumed ingredients. In this way, you will manage to create balanced meals that offer your body the needed nutrients meanwhile supporting weight loss.

Dr. Melinda L. Irwin Recommends – “Reduce your portions”

This is very effective tip that will help in the weight loss process. You should choose the serving of your foods in smaller plates that will prevent higher calorie intake, but you will still enjoy delicious meals.

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