6 Fantastic Uses of Lemon Peel to Clean Your Home

The benefits of lemon are numerous especially in terms of our health and well-being, but there is more to this fruit. Did you know that the lemon zest can be the ideal cleaning agent?

The lemon peels are usually discarded into the garbage bins, but they can still serve as great products and clean some of your household surfaces. Moreover, they are free of toxins making them safe for use. The refreshing scent they will leave after their use is irreplaceable.

This natural trick is economical and healthy. There are many homemade recipes made from lemon peel that can easily perform cleaning tasks in your homes.

We strongly recommend the use of natural products as according to the latest research that screened 60 household products, the compounds in these products are “harmful to health and the environment”. Therefore, we should all try to turn to the use of natural products like baking soda or white vinegar for the maintenance of the homes’ interior.

Lemon Zest for a Clean House

  1. Surface cleaner

Here it is how all your surfaces in the home will become impeccably clean. Prepare the following cleaning preparation:

– In a glass jar put some lemon zest, and then cover it with white vinegar till everything is entirely submerged. Allow it to stand for at least two weeks. After that period combine everything nicely and pour in it the same amount of water.The resulting spray use it for cleaning every type of surface.

  1. Shiny metal surfaces

Your metal surfaces will restore their shine and become as new if you clean them with lemon zest sprinkled with salt. This solution is a great cleaning method for your cutlery and trays. Thanks to its use you will manage the rust that has developed on these pieces.

  1. Disinfected surfaces

The lemon zest shows powerful antibacterial features that can help in the elimination of the germs present on the work surfaces. Your vegetable cutting board will be perfectly clean if you rub it with a lemon peel. Allow it to act for 5 minutes, and after that wash it off with lukewarm water.

  1. Eliminates bad odors

Lemon zest is the ideal solution for bad odors leaving a refreshing and pleasant scent. All you need to do is to put lemon zest on places that are commonly affected by bad odor like the garbage bin, but first dry them out. Additionally, you can put lemon peels in places like the fridge or dishwasher and thus retain the bad smells.

  1. A natural deodorant

You can have the natural lemon scent in your home by using the following trick: simmer the zests of citrus in water over low heat and while doing it the scent will spread in the room. Thanks to this trick your home will have a sweet and natural smell.

  1. Natural insect repellant

Lemon zest is the perfect natural alternative for the insecticide. Insects detest the scent of the lemon and when you place the lemon zest in areas that are mostly affected by insects it will naturally repel them.

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