Here’s Your Ideal Weight According to Your Morphology and Height

In order to be happy and pleased with yourself you need to have that ideal weight that is good for the body’s health. Healthy lifestyle which means a healthy and balanced diet along with a regular physical activity is the essence of keeping a fit and healthy body.

You may wonder what your ideal weight index is, and that can be easily determined by several criteria like age, size, and morphology. The chart below will show you if you are overweight or underweight.

This chart is not based on the current aesthetic figure type as it differs from one year to another. Once the curvy shape is the best looking woman figure, and the next year it would be the slender type and so on.

Balanced weight means the one that will keep you healthy and fit in the performance of daily tasks, and this weight is determined solely by morphology, age or size. Moreover, this chart has been created by health experts. Check out the chart and see of you are underweight, overweight or if you have the ideal weight.

Here’s Your Ideal Weight According to Your Morphology and Height

Explanation of the chart

Small Frame – Underweight

The smallest category indicates underweight, and although you are not fat this is also an issue and for that purpose you need to seek for an advice from a doctor or nutritionist. You can make some dietary changes and thus achieve your ideal weight. This does not mean to increase the fat intake, but focus on the foods that are high in calories. If you lack appetite, then products like royal jelly or flower pollen can help you in increasing the appetite. You can have more snacks during the day as they are the ones that promote weight gain.

Medium Frame – Ideal Weight

This is the best option for you, so if you are under this category maintain your weight by following a healthy lifestyle. Enough sleep will also contribute in keeping this line and try to avoid stress as much as possible.

Large Frame – Overweight

This category indicates overweight issues and because of that you need to consult either a doctor or nutritionist so that they should determine the right diet for you. By all means reduce daily caloric intake and avoid processed or junk foods. Instead of the unhealthy foods opt for healthy ones like lemon, celery, or apple. Avoid snacking or simply replace them with healthy snacks such as cucumber or carrot sticks.

In order to stimulate weight loss, introduce a regular physical activity like running or brisk walking. Sufficient sleep will promote this process which means at least 8h sleep per night every day. Limit stressful situations in your life as they are the main cause for weight gain. If you cannot do this by yourself you can always ask for help from a certified nutritionist that will establish a proper food program for you. In this way you will be monitored by a professional that will point out your mistakes and prevent them in future.

Optimal hydration is very important for your health, especially when you are dieting. Your body needs minimum of 6 cups of water a day.


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