10 Easy Ways to Successfully Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

In order to successfully lose weight you should not starve yourself, but opt for the right choices and thus obtain a successful weight loss. Draconian diets may be effective on the first run, but on the long run they just contribute to the yo-yo effects making you to gain even more pounds. Ifyou are interested in having the optimal weight index, you need to turn to incorporating healthy and natural ingredients that will offer the needed nutrients for the body. Plus, there are certain routines that can be of great assistance in the weight loss process.

These routines will help in successful weight loss and in keeping it for a longer period of time or for your lifetime.

Here they are:

10 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

  1. Stop counting calories

Dr. Lily Nichols, a well-known nutritionist is strongly against counting calories as that can actually contribute to weight gain. People should focus more what is on their plate and not on how many calories are there as that can astraythem from the ultimate goal of losing weight. Hence, your plate should be consisted of healthy ingredients like fruits and vegetable and food ingredients that are easy to digest. Avoid all the processed and junkfoodalong with sweet products.

  1. Take in less food but more often

If you divide your healthy meals in several small ones during the day, this will prevent the feeling of hunger. Taking small meals during the day will offer the needed fullness and thus preventing you from nibbling other food ingredients.

  1. Drink more water

The consumption of water prior meal substantially contributes to weight loss. According to a conducted study the intake of 500ml water prior meal in overweight women showed amazing results in weight decrease. The researchers of this study reported decrease in body mass, total weight, fat and suppressed appetite.

  1. Allow yourself one day in the week for some food cravings

If you are dieting, having restriction on the food intake is inevitable therefore you can have a day off. You can indulge yourself for a day, but make sure that it is sensible. In this way you are enhancing the weight loss process and elevating the level of motivation for the upcoming days.

  1. Wake up earlier

Do not set your alarm to the last minute as in this way you are skipping breakfast the most important meal of the day. This meal will provide you with the needed energy for the upcoming day and since you have eaten the hunger will not get so intense at lunch time thus you will consume less food. There would be also time for some sports activity that will give a boost to your body and as well as health. This will also improve the sleeping patterns as you will go to bed sooner and not suffer from sleep shortage that is also accountable for weight gain.

  1. Try not to nap during the day

Daytime sleeping can significantly disturb the nocturnal sleep that is highly needed for the body to recuperate. If that is not the case the next day you will feel more tired making you turn to the consumption of fatty and sugary food products. A good night sleep supports the intake of healthy meals.

  1. Limit the time in front of a screen

As mentioned before the night sleep is the essence of healthy body and weight loss. The blue light emitting from the screens disturbs our sleeping patterns whichmakes a way for the feeling of hunger during the night and as well as for the next day.

  1. Frequently brush your teeth

According to psychologists the routine of brushing your teeth sends a clear signal to the brain that you have finished with eating. This routine can help in lowering the calories that a person takes in, plus the minty taste that is left after the brushing makes you to avoid sweet cravings.

  1. Laughter is good for your body

Laughing is a great therapy, but as well as a great help in the weight loss as per the neuroscientist Dr. Helen Pilcher. Laughing can make you to burn more calories in good mood. According to a conducted study released inthe journal Obesity and lead by Dr. Maciej Buchowski laughter allows you to spend 10 to 20% more energy. In fact, 10 to 15 minutes of laughing during the day will burn 10 to 40 calories.

  1. Avoid stress

According to Dr. Elissa Epel stress and anxiety are the main triggers of weight gain. As a result of the stress people are feeling hungrier and in those cases they do not opt for the healthy ingredients, but for the caloric and fatty ones known as the comfort foods. But, this only leads to weigh gain.


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