12 Simple and Effective Exercises to Firm Up Your Buttocks & Legs in No Time

Squats are very effective exercises that firm the muscles of the legs likequadriceps, adductors and hamstringsand contributeto curved buttocks. Their performance will definitely provide you with nice looking legs.

The lower body gets substantially stronger by practicing various types of squats that involve different movements thus offering best results. In this article we shall present you 12 squat moments that will help in getting the body that youhave always wanted to have. Moreover, they can be performed at the comfort of your home for which you will need at least 15 minutes.

12 Simple and Effective Squats

  1. The basic squat

This squat is done by performing the basic flexions. Take a standing position with your legs at shoulders’width apart, arms outstretched and hands clasped. Start squatting by bringing the buttocks backwards. While performing this movement make certain that your thighs are aligned with the ground. After that, push your legs to go back to your initial position. Do this movement 15 to 20 times.

  1. Kick back

This squat is a great exercise for your buttocks. Take the standard standing position with your hands clasped, and then bent the legs, straighten the body and extend the leg by kicking it back.

3. Squat Sumo or squat legs apart

This variation of squat sumo targets the adductors and quadriceps, plus it makes your buttocks and inner thighs stronger. Take a standing position with your arms stretched and hands clasped, and with your legs apart at shoulders width. Do this movement as the basic squat. Make 15 – 20 repetitions.

  1. Variation of sumo squat

This is the same squat as the previous one; just your hands are not clasped. The legs are at shoulders width apart and your arms elevated. Start flexingyour legs by bringing your arms down and keeping them in parallel line. This squat is a little bit of a cardio exercise.

  1. Oblique Squat

Although it seems complex, it is very effective movement. You should stand with your feet apart taking a greater distance than the width of your hips. Place your hands behind your neck and start going down till the knees reach a 90-degree angle. Make sure to maintain your chest straight, and then stand up and start bending your right leg towards the right elbow and go back to your initial position. Do the same movement with the other leg. Do 15 to 20 repetitions of this movement.

  1. Jump in a squatting position

This movement targets your arms as well. Take a standing position as the previous squat, and then spread your legs at the height of your shoulders. Keep your hands clasped, and then you jump up, but placing your arms back. Return in a squatting position by having your feet flat on the ground.

  1. Narrow squat

It is a same movement as the basic squat but in this variation of squatting you are keeping your legs together. It is a nice warm up for the squat gun.

  1. Squat gun

This is not an easy movement and because of that you need to do it carefully and do not squat too low. Your knees are highly involved in this exercise.If you have never tried it or you are beginner, then hold on to some piece of furniture.  Take a standing position at shoulders width apart and start elevating one leg in front of you by pushing the pelvis back and make the squat on the support leg. You should reach out in front of you with clasped fists to keep the balance.

  1. Curtsey squat

The performance of this exercise involves many muscle groups simultaneously. For this movement you are first making the basic squat position. Once you achieve that, you should push your right leg behind your left leg while keeping it flexed. Perform the same exercise with the other leg as well.

  1. Split squat

You should take a standing position with your hands clasped having positioned the left leg to the back, then, flex your legs but still holding your left leg to the back. The performance of this exercise substantially strengthens your calves, hips and buttocks.

  1. Isometric squat

You are taking the basic squat position, and then extending your left leg to the side. After that, go back to the starting position. Do this exercise with the right leg as well. Do 15 – 20 repetitions.

  1. Pop squat

You need first to take the basic squat position, and then straighten your feet together and squat with your legs apart. The performance of this exercise eliminates lactic acid and it is a little bit of cardio.


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