Hot Turmeric Water is the Best Drink to Detox the Body & Boost the Immune System

We are living in a world that is being affected by constant pollution thus the intake of the harmful substances is inevitable making our body weaker. Hence, we need to regularly cleanse our body from the presence of toxins and pesticides if we want to have an optimal health.

One of the cleansing methods that are very effective in the removal of the toxins is the consumption of lemon water which has been proven to be very beneficial for our health and as well as for body detox. Once this beverage gets combined with turmeric it turns into a powerful drink that can treat many health issues.

Lemon water is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that neutralize the harmful effects of the free radicals, the major reason for the onset of various health conditions. The inclusion of turmeric offers this beverage even more beneficial property. Namely, turmeric is of great assistance in the purification of the body and thus protects it from various issues.

Health Virtues of Lemon Water and Turmeric

  1. Body detox

Lemon contains a wide range of antioxidants like flavonoids and limonoids that cleanse the body by supporting the bile production in the liver. Plus, it contains naringenin that protects the liver from oxidative stress as per an in-vivo study. The presence of antioxidants will protect the liver that has been damaged as a result of the alcohol abuse. Turmeric, on the other hand has in its content an active ingredient known as, curcumin that reveals powerful antioxidant properties that assist in the purification of the body and prevent the oxidative stress.

  1. Decrease of body’s inflammation

As per a conducted study lemon is an anti-inflammatory that can lower the pain and swelling that occurs in your knees. Turmeric has also a strong anti-inflammatory effect. As per a performed study, curcumin reveals a strong anti-inflammatory effect by hampering certain molecules that have been the reason for the occurrence of inflammation in the body.

  1. Keeping good skin health

The content of vitamin C and antioxidants in lemon water can help in the removal of the free radicals and thus keep the youthfulness of the skin. As per conducted studies, vitamin C and linoleic acid create a better skin appearance and protect it from aging. Curcimun can treat a wide spectrum of dermatological diseases that would be very beneficial for your skin. Therefore, either topically or orally used, turmeric can improve dermatological conditions like acne, atopic dermatitis and photo aging of the face.

  1. Weight loss

This process can be very hard and many people are well aware of this, especially if you follow an unhealthy diet, do not exercise or you are having stressful life. There is also the metabolic disorder that impedes this process. The consumption of lemon water can be of great assistance in losing weight and battle against overweight and obesity. These great benefits are acquired due to the content of polyphenols that detox the body and thus stimulate the weight process. There is also the content of a valuable fiber known as pectin that offers the feeling of fullness that suppresses the appetite. On the other hand, curcumin would diminish the efficiency of cells to treat nutrients by producing a small balance of chemical energy. This will encourage the body to use its reserves of fat in order to maintain active cells of the body thus offering the effect of burning body fat.

Here it is how to prepare this water:

A Recipe of Lemon and Turmeric Water

For optimal effects, make certain to use only organic ingredients.

Needed Ingredients:

  • A cup of warm water
  • Half a lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric
  • 1/8 teaspoon of honey

Preparation and use:

Heat the water in a saucepan, and then include the turmeric and lemon juice. Stir everything nicely till the turmeric is nicely dissolved. When the beverage is warm, include the honey and drink it.


People with ulcers, heartburn and gastro-esophageal reflux should not consume lemon.

Turmeric is a blood thinner and people who have a scheduled operation or receive an anticoagulant therapy should not use turmeric. This root is also not recommended for people with gall bladder disorders and pregnant women.


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