Here is the Amount of Water Your Body Needs to Lose Weight

Water is the main source of life for the human body being almost 70% comprised of it. The body can survive without food for 40 days, but without water it can last only up to 2 days. This also applies for all species on the planet.

This fluid takes part in all bodily functions starting from the digestive process, body temperature regulation and removal of waste. The water is continually used or lost, and it needs to be replaced permanently, therefore you need to drink those recommended 6 cups per day in order for your body to function accordingly.

Did you know that the proper consumption of water can help in the weight loss process?

People have become aware of the fact of the importance of water and they have started to wear a bottle with them wherever they go. They know how important is the proper intake of water for their health and as well as for their weight.

Optimal hydration is highly beneficial for losing weight which has been confirmed by many studies. You may still wonder how water can help you in the weight loss, therefore follow reading and find out why.

  • Water is required for fat burning

The presence of water in the body properly metabolizes stored fats or carbohydrates. As per a conducted study the high intake of water can lead to increased lypolysis which is a fat metabolism process and thus lose weight.

  • Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant

Drinking water fills a large part of your stomach thus offering the feeling of fullness that will prevent high consumption of food.

  • Water stimulates calorie burning

According to comprehensive researches the intake of water will help in calorie burning. Plus, its intake can temporarily increase energy expenditure.

  • Water helps in the removal of waste from the body

The intake of water aids your kidneys to properly filter the toxins and waste. Yet, once the waste builds-up in the body, people feel swollen and their waistline gets bigger due to the caused bloating.

The Benefits of Optimal Hydration

  • Body temperature regulation

Optimal hydration is vital for the body temperature regulation. The body is kept cooled via sweating, but the body temperature will increase if you do not consume the water that you have lost.

  • Saliva production

The fluid consumption contributes to the production of saliva. Saliva is not only based on water but also contains small amounts of electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes that are of great importance in breaking down solid foods and thus keeping the mouth in good health.

  • Protection of the tissues, spinal cord and joints

Proper consumption of water will lubricate and cushion the joints, spinal cord and tissues thus helping you in the discomfort caused by arthritis or similar health conditions.

  • Removal of waste

The toxins in the body are being removed via sweating, urination and defecation, and for that it needs water. The proper intake of water is needed for the bowel movements and urination and because of that you need to drink enough water in order to avoid urinary issues and constipation. The function of the kidneys is based on water so that the waste is excreted via urination and boosts their function thus protecting them from the formation of kidney stones.

  • Better blood oxygen circulation

The presence of water will carry the valuable nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. The sufficient intake of water will better the circulation and positively affect the overall health.

Although the recommended amount of water is 6 cups a water per day, this is not a fixed amount as some people need more and others less. This depends on the age, sun exposure, sweating, activity level, age, and so on.

As per The Times of India, in order to lose weight, you need to drink 4 cups for every 20 pounds of body weight. For instance, if you weigh 60 pounds, then your body will need in average 12 cups of water per day to accelerate the weight loss.


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