Here’s What the Shape of Your Finger Says about Your Personality

Detecting human personalities have always been enigma for the people all around the world. Some believe that they are formed as a result of the various experiences a person lives through its lifetime and some believe they are innate.

However, some believe that the shape and length of your fingers can tell a lot about the personality of a specific person. Many techniques are based on the features of our hands that are vital indicators of a person’s character and life. According to the practitioners of these techniques the universe has already printed our way of life in the form of a code written in our hands, and as well as our personality. Here it is what the shape and length of the fingers can tell about a person’s character and the ones of other people.

The Shape of the Finger

  1. Perfectly straight finger

A straight and uniformed finger over the entire length means that you have a strong personality with a great tendency for independence. You are strongly empathetic person, but when it comes to lowering your guard that can be very difficult.

  1. Pointed finger

People with pointed fingers enjoy their life to the fullest as they believe that every moment in life is precious and we need to enjoy the most of it. However, these people have one weak point and that is the exaggerated need to serve and please others which many people will use this and thus benefit from their kindness.

  1. Hunched finger

In this case you are dealing with a person that follows the rules in every occasion without any deviation. The several bosses on the length of the finger also mean that you are dealing with an adorable person having a great common sense. This person would be the first one that you will call in the future as you can always rely on him or her.

The Length of the Finger

Here it is what it indicates:

  1. Index finger shorter than the ring finger

This length indicates that you are dealing with a magnetic person that its presence alone is enough to attract the attention from other people. These people are charming and full with confidence. This confidence is sometimes considered from other people as aggressiveness, but this only means that they know precisely what they want form life. They are not afraid of taking risks or leaving their comfort zone and that always bears fruit.

These people find their career fulfillment in the military, or as a commercial or business executive.

  1. Longer index finger than the ring finger

This morphology means that you are dealing with a natural leader. This person is simply born to lead especially when dealing with serious situations thus enlightening and guiding people in resolving a particular situation. He or she reveals balanced character that inspires confidence, and because of that many people turn to get his or hers advice that they value a lot.

This person finds himself in a career of a professor, politician, or author of books dedicated to the personal development.

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