What is the Main Difference Between Lemon and Lime?

You may have always wondered what the difference between lemon and lime is, then you are on the right site as we shall reveal to you what makes them different.

They have a different color and that is the first distinctive feature that separates them as two different citrus fruits. Both of them are very valuable citrus fruit containing plenty of valuable nutrients, but still there is a difference in what they can offer to the body.

First of all, their Latin names are different; the Latin name of lemon refers to the sweet name of Citrus Lemon. On the other hand the lime is named as Citrus aurantifolia. Their shapes are not the same, the lemons are oval and the limes are round. There is also a difference in taste as when consumed in the mouth they produce a subtly different effect. You can perform a test by yourself. The palate will recognize that the lemon is very acidic while the lime is bitter or sweet depending on the variety that is used.

Both lemon and lime are rich in vitamin C, but lemon contains more 53mg while lime has 29mg. Lemon and lime reveal the same antioxidant and protective properties thanks to the content of limonoids and their alkalinity will be of great assistance in the regulation of pH levels in the body. These two foods should be the staple ingredients into your diet as they provide a healthy and balanced diet.

Health Virtues of Lemon and Lime

  1. Body detox

The body is constantly impacted by the toxins that are present everywhere and because of that they need to be extracted from the body. Lemon and lime are great detox foods that will effectively cleanse the body from these toxins. As per a conducted study, the lemon juice is effective in protecting the liver from all the daily impact of the waste and toxins.

  1. Treatment of sore throat

These citrus fruits reveal antibacterial and antiviral features that are high in vitamin C, and they are the natural alternative of antibiotics in case of a cold. The inclusion of honeywill help in relaxing the tight muscles of the throat in case of fat or dry cough.

  1. Better cognitive performance

These citrus fruits enhance the cognitive abilities of the brain and support thefunctions like memory and concentration. According to a conducted study, the lemon enhances the performance of memory in a short and long term.

  1. Excellent slimming allies

If you have issues with extra weight, then the use of lemon and lime will be the solution for you. The content of vitamin C in these citrus fruits reduces cortisol levels thus making it possible to lower the storage of fats. As per a conducted in-vivoscientific experiment, the content of flavonoids prevents the obesity. This is an additional reason to include these fruits into your daily diet. Let us not forget the consumption of lemon water can bring great benefits for the body’s metabolism.


Lemon and lime should not be consumed in cases of kidney, gastric and biliary disorders.

The use of honey is not advised for people with diabetes.

As always, it is wise first to consult your doctor prior initiating any detox treatment.



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