Here are 16 Beneficial Uses of Lemon Peels if You Don’t Just Throw them Away

Lemon is an amazing citrus fruit with high nutritional value and because of that widely used among people everywhere in the world. However, most people have the tendency to throw away the lemon peels after they have juiced their lemons. Not many people are aware of the benefits that lemon peel can bring to the body; in fact, it has been revealed that lemon peels have even more vitamins and minerals than the juice itself.

Aside their numerous benefits for the body lemon peels can be an excellent household agent. It can perfectly clean certain home surfaces and at the same time offer that amazing freshness. Namely, thanks to their antibacterial properties their use can offer the impeccable cleanness in the home. Lemon peels can reveal other useful treatments, and because of that make sure not to discard them. Here it is what they can really offer:

16 Beneficial Uses of Lemon Peels

  1. A great boost of the immune system

In order to obtain optimal results from the use of lemon peels they need to be organic. Drink tea made of lemon peels to enhance the work of the immune system. Just boil lemon peels in water and add a drizzle of lemon juice to protect your body from the flu and lower cold symptoms.

  1. Efficient skin treatment

The lemon peel contains vitamin C whose antioxidant properties take a crucial role in the synthesis of collagen, important for the elasticity of the skin that contributes to a decrease in scars.

  1. Remove feet odor

Thanks to the antibacterial activity of lemon peels along with freshness of the fruit itself the bad odor coming from your feet will be removed. Plus, due to the content of alpha-hydroxylated acids in lemon peels the skin will get nicely exfoliated and offer the needed freshness, especially for this body part.

  1. Whiter and clean nails

You nails will restore their natural whiteness and become shiny by using lemon zest. You can as well as add some lemon juice to the manicure water.

  1. Potent antibacterial cleaning agent

As per a conducted study the lemon peel shows powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial activity thanks to the content of flavonones. This is great for the overall body but as well as for cleaning the house. The kitchen surfaces are mostly affected with bacteria and the lemon peels would be the perfect cleaning agent. For that purpose fill a jar with lemon peels and cover them up to the brim with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Nicely close the jar and leave the mixture to stay like that for 2 weeks. After that period transfer the solution in a sprayer and with it clean the toughest dirty spots in your home.

  1. Disinfection of the cutting board

The kitchen cutting board is the ideal environment for developing bacteria due to the food residue. The lemon peel will clean it effectively, all you need to do is to rub it with lemon peels or prepare a mixture of bark and vinegar.

  1. Cleaning of the teapot

Clean the build-up of mineral deposits inside your teapot or kettle with lemon peels. Fill it with a handful of lemon peels and warm water and then place it on heat. Once it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat and leave it for one hour before rinsing.

  1. Eliminate bad smell form your fridge

All you need to do is to place some lemon peels in the corners of the fridge. Leave them for one week and then replace them with fresh ones.

  1. Efficient cleaning of the bath

Your bath will shine again and be free of bacteria by cleaning it with lemon peels. You can directly wipe with the peels or prepare a mixture of white vinegar with lemon peel.

  1. Remove coffee stains from cups

This is quite a common occurrence, but it can be easily solved by rubbing them with the skin of a fresh lemon.

  1. Cleaning of the garbage bin

This utensil inevitably catches bad smell; however it can smell fresh if you throw some lemon peels in the bottom of it.

  1. Natural fragrance diffuser

Commercial air fresheners can be harmful for your body, but the use of lemon peels is safe and very effective. Make your own home diffuser, by placing 1 cup of lemon peels in a pot with hot water. Leave it to simmer for one hour. This natural refreshener will offer a pleasant smell in your home that for sure will boost your mood.

  1. Prevent fruit from turning brown

Your fruits will last longer and will not turn brown if you rub them with the inside of the lemon peel and then coat them with lemon juice.

  1. Nice flavor for various cocktails

Your juices and cocktails will have better taste if you add some lemon zest from organic lemons.

  1. Ice cubes

You can always have lemon zest ready for use if you grate an organic lemon and transfer the mixture into ice cubes molds. Freeze them and then use them in your cocktails and juices.

  1. Natural insect repellent

You can keep insects at bay by using lemon peels as cockroaches or ants detest the lemon scent. You can as well as use the oil extracted from the skin of lemon on your windows and doors and thus protect your home from mosquitoes or other insects.


People suffering from stomach ulcers, heartburn, biliary and renal disorders should not use lemon.


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