The Length of Your Little Pinky Finger Reveals Lots of Aspects about Your Personality

Palm reading is a technique that existed for centuries among people. The uncertainty that future brings makes people want to know the possible predictions that may happen. Therefore, people visit many palm readers in order to find out what is aheading in near future for them.

The study of the palm of the hand is known under the name of palmistry or chirology. Many cultures in the world have analyzed this method and it is believed that its roots come from Indian astrology that has been later on spread to China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and some European countries. According to the implementation of this method, the size of the little finger can reveal several aspects of what your personality is based on. In some traditions, palm readers check the characteristics of fingers, fingernails and fingerprints, also the texture and color of the skin, the shape of the palm and the flexibility of the hand thus determining the characteristic features of a specific person.

Basics of Palmistry

The fundamental aspect in this technique is to determine which the dominant and non-dominant hand is. This aspect is identified by the hand that you most use like the one that you are writing with. According to the beliefs of palm readers the dominant hand is a reflection of the present time, person’s aspirations, expectations, and achievements. On the other hand, the non-dominant hand tells the past, experiences, habits, and hidden talents.

The lines of the palm offer important information about the past, present and future of the person. It also depicts the personality of the person with all its characteristics. Moreover, there are seven main frames on the palm that reveal the subconscious characteristics of your mind. They are named as Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Apollo, Mars and Jupiter.

So, each present line or mark on your palm shows valuable information about your personality, but also the formation of the frames and the shape of the fingers can reveal a lot about your inner qualities. The lines of your hand can cross and create symbols like a star or cross which the palm reader deciphers and for them offers a good explanation.

In this article we shall focus on your little finger as this part of the palm can tell a lot about the characteristic traits of a specific person.

Here are the types:

Type A

You are a type A if the tip of the little finger aligns with the starting line of the upper joint of your ring finger. This type has problems with trust towards other people as they need to be sure about the other person in order to let themselves in trusting someone with their fears and thoughts. You are a sensitive person that detests lies, hypocrisy, and dishonesty.

These are not your values and you are totally against them. Some people may consider you arrogant, but that is not true as you are loving and warm person that is always there for the people that need you. You are faithful, generous and sincere person.

Type B

Type B is a person that has its little finger longer than the top line of his ring finger. These people are extremely sensitive and very loyal to their loved ones. Once in a relationship, they are completely engaged making that person that they are with the center of their world. These people are focusing on the person they love entirely and want to spend every minute with them.

But, you do not easily give your heart away, it needs to be earned. Other people perceive you as an independent person that needs no one for your happiness.  These people are entirely dedicated to fulfilling their goals and work very hard to achieve that. They are calm people that avoid any conflicts with other people, but they have the ability to calm down any conflicts and bring peace and serenity in their surroundings.

Type C

Type C is a person that has its little finger in length below the top line of the ring finger. People that are Type C are born optimists and there is no negativity that can change their optimism. They do not hold on to a grudge, bitterness and anger and quickly forgive people for their mistakes.  Nonetheless, every person has some mild negative trait and a Type C person needs to have the last word in an argument, especially if he or she believes that is right.

But, these people have the benevolence in them to admit when they are wrong and apologize when needed. If your little finger is in this position, then you are person that needs to be in a presence with dear and beloved people that offer you comfort and take away your deepest fears.

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