Natural Remedy to Protect Your Heart and Say Goodbye to Clogged Arteries & High Blood Pressure

The cardiovascular health is highly influenced by the appearance of clogged arteries and high blood pressure that can lead to atherosclerosis and even cardiac arrest. Fortunately, there are natural ways that can cleanse the heart and arteries from the accumulated plaque. The remedy that we are about to present is based on the use of 3 foods with powerful health properties:  lemon, ginger, and garlic.

This remedy is very effective as each included ingredient reveals amazing content of antioxidants and valuable nutrients for the body. Here it is what they can offer.

Cardio Benefits of Lemon

This citrus fruit represents a powerful protector of the cardiovascular health. Do not forget the incredible properties that the intake of lemon water can offer to your body when consumed early in the morning. Lemon can successfully protect the function of the heart and arteries due to its rich content of vitamin C, A, D and B6, that stimulate good blood circulation and fight against the build-up of toxins in the body. This citrus fruit can fight against the deposition of lipids accountable for cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis. If you consume this food regularly, then you will manage to protect your body from the onset of these disorders. Namely, the presence of flavonoids in lemon has a beneficial effect on the arterial hypertension. This was confirmed by a scientific study on hypertensive rats that have come to the conclusion that the food intake can regulate blood circulation.

Cardio Benefits of Garlic

This plant with exquisite flavor acts beneficially on the blood pressure and prevents the occurrence of clogged arteries. Garlic contains valuable nutrients that are very valuable for the health of the body. Plus, it contains an active ingredient known as allicin that can fight off the increase of blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that the intake of garlic can battle against the thickening and calcification of atheroma plaques.

Cardio Benefits of Ginger

Ginger can reduce blood pressure, which makes it a great ally in the protection of the cardiovascular health. As per an in-vivo scientific experiment, garlic contains vasodilator virtues and additionally it has the capability to suppress the oxidation of nitric oxide.

A Recipe of Cardio Protective Remedy

For optimal effects, make certain to use only organic ingredients and as well as consume organic fruits and vegetables.

Needed Ingredients:

  • 4 lemons with their zests
  • 4 garlic bulbs
  • 8 cups of filtered water
  • Ginger root (2 inch)

Method of Preparation:

Start with nicely washing the lemons and then cut them into pieces. Next, peel the garlic and cut the ginger. Mix everything till you obtain smooth texture.

Then, transfer the mixture in a saucepan over low heat and gradually pour the water. Stir the mixture till it reaches its boiling point and then turn off the heat. Pour the liquid in a glass container.


Prior use, make certain to shake the container that contains the remedy. Take it on an empty stomach or prior each physical training.


It is always best first to consult a doctor before starting any natural remedy.

People with stomach ulcers, bile, gastric, and renal disorders should not consume this remedy. People that have recently undergone an operation or are on anticoagulant therapy should avoid the use of this drink.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle!

The main reason for the occurrence of any cardiovascular disease is leading poor lifestyle. Hence, it is of vital importance to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet along with regular physical activity. Make sure to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, quit smoking and have good sleeping patterns. These habits will keep your cardiovascular health at optimal level and as well as your overall health and well-being.

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