How to Use Acupressure to Get Rid of Migraines & Headaches in 5 Minutes Without Drugs

Experiencing severe migraines and headaches can be very disturbing and painful hampering you the performance of the simplest tasks. Naturally, there are many medical treatments that can alleviate the pain but most of them are packed with chemicals that can have side effects and some of them are even addictive. Therefore, you should first try some of the natural ways in the treatment of these health issues.

The traditional Chinese medicine uses acupressure in relieving various ailments, including migraines and headaches. This ancient therapy is a combination of acupuncture and reflexology, but in case of acupressure the massage is performed by applying pressure to certain areas that are related to the affected body organ. Your pain will be gone in only 5 minutes thanks to the use of this method.

You need to be aware that there is a difference between a migraine and headache. Both of them are very similar, but as well as very different. For instance, a headache although unpleasant can last from 30 minutes up to few hours, which is not the case with a migraine that can be manifested by accompanying symptoms like intense pain on one side of the head, sensitivity to light or noise, nausea, and vomiting. Moreover, it can last for hours or even days.

However, in order for any treatment to be effective you need to determine the real cause of your headaches like allergies, lack of sleep, stress or some other reason. You should detect which habits trigger these headaches and try to avoid them in future.

Yet, it is easier said than done, as in some cases it is difficult to determine the real reason for their occurrence. In those cases you can apply the acupressure method that involves applying pressure on several points in the body. Follow reading and find out which are the ones that can be very helpful in the treatment of a migraine or headache.

According to Henri Chauvet, these are the points that can be very helpful in relieving migraines or headaches. Here they are:

The temples – Tai Yang

The temples – Tai Yang

The Tai yang point is positioned outside the eyebrows, more precisely at the temples. This point is not related to any meridian in the body, but according to experts, its stimulation by using massage movements is very effective against the influence of the blue light. This light can be the cause of your headaches which is inevitably coming from your phone screens, laptops, tablets, or other technological gadgets.

The top of the head- Bai Hui

This point is positioned at the top of the skull where is the crossroad of the energies circulating the body. Therefore, if you suffer from a migraine or headache start massaging this area with your fingers clockwise for about 2 to 3 minutes. The used pressure of the fingers depends on the intensity of the pain you are experiencing.

The neck – Feng Chi

This acupressure point is placed at both ends of the neck, right beneath the skull bone. The Feng Chi is recognized as the 20th meridian of the gallbladder, and people mostly complain that their headaches occur right at this point. Hence, make certain to use this massage on this point and thus soothe your ongoing headache.

The knees- Yang Ling Quan

Although not frequently considered as a point for relieving a headache, it is very effective, especially for the headaches that have been triggered as a result of various digestive issues. This point is located at the hollow of the knee that is related to the gall bladder. In order to massage this area, flex the leg and perform a massage by applying circular movements for 2 – 3 minutes.

The feet- Xing Jian

The Xing Jian point is related to the liver and it is positioned at the intersection of the first two toes. If the gall bladder is the trigger of your headaches and migraines, then this is the point that you need to stimulate it in order to alleviate the pain.


Acupressure is not recommended for children and pregnant women. In the case of pregnancy, this method can cause uterine contractions, and because of that its use is prohibited.

People who struggle with certain diseases like heart disease or circulatory disorders need first to seek for an advice from their doctor prior using acupressure.

If you are dealing with persistent and painful migraines or headaches, it is of vital importance to consult your doctor, so that he determines the underlying cause.

Habits to Adopt to Prevent Headaches

In case of light headaches which are not related to any other health issue, you can simply introduce certain habits and prevent their occurrence.

  • Proper body hydration
  • Manage your stress
  • In case of cold and flu make sure to rest
  • Limit the exposure to blue light
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Follow a regular physical activity


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