Here Are the 5 Types of Bellies & How to Eliminate Each One of Them

The most stubborn fat in the body is for sure the abdominal fat and many people are well aware of this fact. For instance, you may lose weight but still have the belly on you. But, the summertime is approaching and the pressure for flat stomach is higher and that is very disturbing for many women and men. As a result of that most people easily succumb to the advertisements promising quick weight loss, which in most cases is not true.

The most difficult fat to burn in the stomach area is the visceral fat which is located deep in the stomach. In order to lose it you need to have strong will and follow a healthy and balanced diet along with a regular physical activity. This is the only way, no quick diet or expensive slimming product can offer that. The effects of these methods maybe in some cases instant, but they do not last for long.

In order for the weight loss in this area to be efficient you need first to determine the reasons for its occurrence. If you follow certain bad habits, then you need to eliminate them from your life and thus acquire the wanted flat stomach.

Factors That Contribute to Belly Fat

Bear in mind that stomach fat is not only an aesthetic issue, but as well as a health one triggering various health conditions.

Here are the causes of stomach fat:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Unhealthy and unbalanced diet
  • Stress accountable for excess secretion of cortisol that causes fat storage in the body
  • Hormonal imbalance like low estrogen levels during menopause.

Not every belly fat is the same, in fact there are 5 types of belly and you need to determine the type of belly you have so that you can act accordingly and successfully initiate weight loss.

 5 Types of Belly Fat

  1. Bloated belly

This belly is result of a bad diet and food intolerance manifested by flat stomach in the morning, but swollen one in the middle of the day due to excess gas in the intestine. In this case you can reduce this belly by performing cardiovascular exercises and adopt good sleeping patterns.

  1. Hormonal belly

Hormonal imbalance leads to this type of belly where the fat accumulates on the sides of the abdomen. Hence, you should consume foods that are high in omega 3 like eggs, nuts, fish, and avocados.

  1. Stressed belly

This belly appears at the navel and the stomach is hard to the touch. Since stress is the cause of this belly, you need to find a way how to eliminate stress from your life. You should limit the intake of coffee and introduce foods that have in their content magnesium. Try to relax as much as you can by practicing yoga or meditation.

  1. Alcohol belly

Alcohol abuse leads to the formation of alcoholic belly. The beer consumption is the main culprit for its formation and because of that you should limit its consumption and also the other alcoholic beverages. Make sure to implement into your diet plenty of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Mom’s belly

After childbirth women have the typical belly that has been formed due to the pregnancy. This belly can get reduced by incorporating fat into their diet coming from foods like fish, walnuts and olive oil.

No matter what diet you choose for reducing the belly fat, you need to know that the optimal effects are obtained by introducing a physical activity on regular basis. Opt for the activity that best suits you, for instance if you do not like intense workout, daily walk of half an hour can help in losing weight in the abdomen area.


It is always best prior initiating any diet to consult your doctor so that to maintain optimal health.

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