Forget About Liposuction: Get Rid of Stubborn Fat & Lose Weight with This Natural Slimming Remedy

Many people suffer from excess fat, and after trying all sorts of diets they turn to the aggressive liposuction. It is believed that this is the most practiced cosmetic surgery in the world. Nonetheless, never forget the fact that this is a surgical procedure that is accompanied with side effects like edema, swelling, pain, and bruising provided that everything goes well with the operation. Not to mention the fact the stress the patient experiences when undergoing this procedure. The one thing that most people forget is that this procedure is not an efficient way to substitute a diet. If the patient does not follow a healthy and balanced diet the pain that he or she is submitted to this surgical procedure is worthless.

Therefore, in order to obtain the weight that you have always wanted to have or regain the one you had years ago, you need to follow a healthy and balanced diet as that is the only safe and on the long run efficient way of losing weight. This can be easily achieved if you start to use the ingredients that Mother Nature offered to us so generously. As per Dr. Leibel of Columbia University, “liposuction cannot thwart the strength of natural ingredients”.

Here is the recipe of a remedy that can help you to melt down the stubborn fat in your body.

A Slimming Remedy – Lemon Elixir

Required Ingredients:

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1 cucumber
  • 12 mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of ginger, grated
  • 8 cups of water


First, nicely wash all the included ingredients. Next, slice the lime, lemon, and cucumber. Pour the water in a large container, and then include all of the ingredients. Leave it to steep during the night. You can consume the solution in the morning once you wake up.

Use: Drink this remedy in the morning on an empty stomach for better results.

In order for this remedy to be efficient you need to adopt the golden rule for weight loss, a healthy and balanced diet along with regular physical activity. There is no magical potion or exercise if this rule is not obeyed.

Why is it so efficient?

The content of amazing ingredients with powerful properties makes this beverage an efficient slimming agent.

Cucumber belongs to the cucurbitaceae family which is packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. These components are easily absorbed by the body as a result of which it can easily reap all its benefits. It is high in water, phytoestrogens and digestive enzymes beneficial for the intestinal health.

Lemon is a potent antioxidant that efficiently detoxifies the body by removing all its toxins and maintains optimal hydration.

Ginger is a powerful root portraying strong anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and antioxidant features. As per an in vivo study ginger can drastically lower hunger and burn calories, this is highly beneficial for obese people. This plant is a staple ingredient in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine as it is known for its positive effect on body’s digestion that helps with the weight loss. The best effects are gained from this plant when consumed with water upon waking up.

Mint leaves do not offer only flavor to this slimming beverage, but as well as an antioxidant effect that will help in the melting down of that stubborn fat.

Other Natural Alternatives to Liposuction

The plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Tornambe claims that this procedure is not essential if you want to lose weight. You can lose the weight if you follow certain habits which will prevent weight gain and help with the weight loss process.

Here they are:

  1. Drink plenty of water as proper body hydration is the foundation of the body’s fat burning process and the maintenance of muscle tone.
  2. Avoid the consumption of fizzy drinks because they are not the substitute for water and not to mention the fact that they are packed with sugar or with other artificial sweeteners and ingredients.
  3. Remove white starch from your diet like white rice, white bread or other foods with high glycemic index that quickly turn into sugar and fat in your body.
  4. Introduce physical activity 4 times a week if you want to efficiently lose weight.
  5. Avoid stress because very human being in order to soothe its emotional distress turns to the consumption of caloric foods. When feeling stressed and rattled, turn to exercising and thus release your negative tension.


If you suffer from gastric, biliary or hepatic disorders or have issues with hypertension, you should not consume this slimming remedy. People who suffer from kidney stones or have a scheduled surgery should also not use this drink.


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