Dr. Seignalet’s Diet is One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight and Be Healthy

There are many diets on the net promising quick results, but not all of them promise good health and healthy manner of losing weight which is the most important thing when dieting.

Fortunately, the diet of Dr. Jean Seignalet provides all that. He developed his hypotoxic diet in 1985 which firstly advocates better health to help with the weight loss. Initially he created this diet for his own personal purposes as he suffered from depression and intestinal pain. Trying to cure himself he developed a diet that would strengthen the intestinal barrier by preventing pathogenic bacteria reaching the body.

When he invented this diet his counterparts considered it extreme, but Dr. Jean Seignalet followed a study of 115 diseases where he implemented this diet. He reported that its implementation showed positive effects in 91 of the studied diseases. The positive outcome was on 91 pathologies that he divided into 3 categories: autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis,), diseases of fouling (fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, tendinitis) and elimination diseases (acne, urticaria, Crohn’s disease).

Moreover, this finding was confirmed by the microbiologist Jacqueline Lagacé in her book How I Fought Pain and Chronic Inflammation by Diet. She also used the diet and the results were amazing regarding her arthritis pain. Namely, after 10 days of following this diet she noticed significant improvement in her fingers and after 10 months she could fully use her hands.

Dr. Signaler’s maintained that many chronic diseases are a result of poor and unhealthy nutrition, including plenty of processed foods or diet that has not been adapted to our needs. If you change the diet with the one that suits your body and eliminate all the processed foods by replacing them with natural ones the weight loss will be inevitable and at the same your health will be boosted.

Note that this was not initially a slimming diet, but a diet that improves your overall health. However, it has been proven by introducing healthy and balanced diet you are not only enhancing your health but as well as lose all those excess unhealthy weight.

The Principles of Dr. Seignalet’s Diet

This immunologist excluded all unhealthy foods from his meals and restricted the intake of certain foods which lead to losing 1 kilo in 14 days. So, having the goal to better his health he also actually lost some unwanted pounds.

  • Natural nutrition

The hypotoxic diet supports the intake of homemade meals and by all means avoiding and completely eliminating all industrial products like canned or prepared dishes. In this way you are protecting the body from ingestion or any contact with bacteria. You need to eat only organic products from the local agriculture so that to avoid products infested with pesticides.

  • “No” to dairy products

According to Dr. Seignalet, “cow’s milk is for their little ones”, and it should not be used in our diet. He believes that it is not suitable for human digestion and this also applies for all its derivatives like yogurt, butter, cream, and other ones. We should replace them with plant alternatives like almond milk or coconut milk.

  • “No” to processed cereals

Although the most popular breakfast in the modern culture, all the used cereals that come from modern agriculture undergo genetic mutations, and because of that they should not be included into our diet. Products like corn, oats, wheat, barley, millet, and their derivatives should be completely excluded. We should consume quinoa, lentils, hazelnuts, chickpeas, etc.

  • Products that contain gluten are completely forbidden
  • Mild cooking and raw food ingredients

According to Dr. Seignalet’s a raw diet would be ideal for our body and its needs. Foods that are cooked under high temperature such as barbecue, oven and microwave are most likely to generate elements of harmful toxicity and that are detrimental for the health of the body. On the other hand, mild cooking is recommended like boiling, and steaming on temperatures below 230°F.

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