Doctors Warn about These Negative Effects of Using Smart Phones at Night

We are living in an era when the use of smart phones is inevitable; moreover most of us are addicted to their use. Checking Instagram before going to bed, browsing the net, playing games are routines that most of us do before falling asleep. Having the phone in your hands in bed during sleeping time can be very bad for your health according to recent researches. Follow reading and find out why.

Negative Effects of Using Smart phones at Night

All smart phones emit radiation by the blue light coming from the screen. Our body is naturally programmed to fall asleep when it is not exposed to light, but as a result of the constant exposure to the light of our tablets, laptops and phones the sleeping patterns are getting substantially disturbed. The blue light impedes the proper production of melatonin, a sleep hormone that influences our good night sleep. Additionally, this light can cause many vision issues.

As per the findings of the scientists the use of smart phones can lead to the appearance of following issues:

  1. Eyesight issues

The persistent exposure to the blue light of the screens makes our eyes dry, tired and at the same blurs our vision. As a result of that the chances of retinal damage, macular degeneration and cataracts are significantly higher.

According to a recently performed study on the effects of blue light on the eyes, published in the International Journal of Ophthalmology, the blue light can cause more or less serious lesions to the cornea, lens and retina. If you need to use these devises during night time, then you need to use appropriate protective measures in order to protect your eyes from damage.

  1. Insomnia

The blue light coming from the various screens during the night affects the proper production of melatonin and thus influences the body’s sleep cycle resulting in insomnia and sleep disorders.

All the information we receive before going to bed via our phones influences our sleep as the brain still works and processes all the received data. The professor of psychology, Jean Twenge, at San Diego State University and author of the book “iGen”, elaborates the relationship between teens and technology, the effects of social media, online shopping and other uses of the smart phone apps that disrupt our proper sleeping pattern. Our thoughts are difficult to stop after we have read the text of our friend, Facebook comments or disturbing work e-mail which results in sleepless nights.

A good night sleep is essential for having an optimal health as if our body does not have a restful sleep during the night it will start to malfunction resulting in the occurrence of various health issues.

  1. Cancer

The blue light hampers the production of melatonin, which is a powerful antioxidant that fights off cancer. Plus, the sleeping patterns are completely out of order which also increases the risk of cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.

According to the findings of researchers who measured the contact with indoor and outdoor artificial light the exposure to blue light doubles the risk of prostate cancer in men and elevates the risk of breast cancer by 50% in the female gender.

Other study released in the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives, confirmed that the exposure to blue light emitted by smart phones or computer screens increases the risk of cancer.

Dr. Brian D. Gonzalez, a researcher at the Moffitt Cancer Research Center, also confirms that the blue light affects our circadian rhythms that have been related to the increased risk of cancer. Furthermore, he explains that our body considers the blue light as day light and as a result of that the biological clock is being disturbed resulting in many health issues. Therefore, we should all try to limit the use of blue lights, especially during the night.

Dr. Gonzalez suggests that if we need to use the smart phone during nighttime we should adjust the color by using some applications dedicated to this purpose. Plus, if your apartment is near a street that emits blue light, make sure to close your blinds.

Aside the fact that the blue light raises the chances of prostate and breast cancer, it has been recently shown that it is closely related to the development of brain cancer as well.

Conclusively, we should all try to limit the hours we spent in front of a device that emits blue light, especially if we want to protect our health. We should try to avoid these devices at least two hours before going to bed.

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