8 Amazing Things That Happen When You Drink Water on an Empty Stomach First Thing in the Morning

Our body highly needs water in order to work optimally as without it, it cannot survive. However, it is very important to drink it in adequate amounts because only then the body gains all its benefits.

The most benefits from drinking water are obtained when it is done in the morning before your breakfast which will offer the needed boost for the upcoming day.

After the night sleep the body becomes dehydrated and in the morning the first thing that it needs is water. Many people substitute the basic need for liquid with coffee which is very wrong. Coffee is a great beverage packed with antioxidants, but the body cells need water and because of that our first drink needs to be water.

Drink water on an empty stomach

Your body will receive the best hydration if you drink water on an empty stomach. This is the best thing that your body and overall health will receive without showing adverse effects and probably the only side effect would be the increased urge for urination. The reason for its incredible benefits is that it will help in the removal of toxins from the body, accountable for the occurrence of many health issues. In this way you will protect your body from the onset of various diseases.

For optimal effects of the water consumption in the morning you need to drink at least 640 ml of water 4 times right after waking up. If you are not a water drinking person you can start with a lower amount and gradually increase it till you reach the recommended water amount. After you have consumed the proper amount of water wait for 45 minutes for your first meal of the day. In order for the time for breakfast to pass quickly you can meditate or simply fulfill all your morning chores.

Health Advantages of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

  1. Boosted immunity

Regular intake of water on an empty stomach will help in acquiring stronger body immune system. A healthy body is strong enough to fight off and prevent the occurrence of any infection thus being less susceptible to diseases.

  1. Faster metabolism

If you are on a slimming diet, then the best thing that you can do for your body is to boost your metabolism. You can achieve that by drinking water on an empty stomach and thus accelerate the metabolism by at least 24%. This will facilitate faster and more efficient food digestion, and on the long run it will contribute to successful weight loss. For optimal effects, consume at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

  1. Colon cleanse

The consumption of water will cleanse the colon from all the build-up waste and toxins. For that you will need to drink one large glass of water in the morning and thus help your body to better absorb the nutrients from the consumed foods.

  1. Removal of toxins

The intake of water will eliminate the waste and toxins from the body offering the needed detox. The higher the intake of water, the better the body detox. Thanks to the body purification the body’s digestive system will work adequately.

  1. Joint lubrication

The flexibility of the joints and the discs of the spine depend on the cartilage which is comprised of almost 80% water. If the body is dehydrated for a longer period of time that will decrease the ability of the joints to absorb shocks thereby leading to joint pain.

  1. Healthy skin

Good body hydration contributes to healthy skin. The body organs and tissues need to be well hydrated and when they are dehydrated, the blood starts to draw water from the cells of the skin which makes it dry. In time, it will look dull with wrinkles as it loses its elasticity.

  1. Weight loss

The consumption of water is of vital importance when you are dieting. Its proper intake will boost the body’s metabolism that will lead to successful weight loss. Moreover, you can drink water as much as you want since it has no calories.

  1. Better hair health

Hydrated body cells work at optimal level and in the case of hair cells it will contribute to faster hair growth. Thanks to the proper consumption of water your hair will be thicker with greater volume.


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