Dr. Atkins’ Vegetarian Diet – An Easy Way to Lose 5 Pounds in 7 Days

The main reason for weight gain is the intake of refined carbohydrates as per the findings of the well-known cardiologist Robert C. Atkins. As a result of that he developed a low crab diet with the main focus on the intake of proteins and lipids. In 1960 he created the famous Atkins diet which is very popular in today’s modern way of living. It is based on limited intake of carbs and focusing on proteins and lipids.

The idea for this diet Dr. Atkins resulted from the poor health of his patients who consumed the classic American diet, low in fat and high in carbohydrates. His patients suffered from obesity and related health issues like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, in order for the treatment to be successful these patients needed to limit the intake of carbohydrates and not to remove the excess fat.

Dr. Atkins maintains that the high consumption of carbohydrates, particularly white flour, sugar, and other refined carbohydrates, leads to an imbalance in blood sugar levels, weight gain and cardiovascular issues. In order to protect the body from these health issues Dr. Atkins created a diet that restricts the intake of carbohydrates and encourages the intake of more protein and fat. Yet, this diet should not be mistaken with a protein diet.

The goal of this diet is to change your eating habits which will help you to successfully lose weight without experiencing the yo-yo effect.


The weight loss is achieved thanks to reaching the state of ketosis where the sugar is transformed into energy and not in stored fat. Carbs area packed with sugar that leads to weight gain as in this case the sugar gets stored in fat leading to fat deposits in the body.

Ketosis occurs when glucose levels are low in the body. In this state the body uses its own fat reserves as a source of energy. More specifically, the body does not produce glucose and as a result of that the body is in a state of ketosis. During this period, the body transfers to the blood part of fat reserves of adipocytes so that they are converted into energy.

In the beginning this diet was considered to be very unhealthy and many health authorities did not recommend it due to its high saturated fat content. However, after thorough research it was revealed that saturated fats are in fact harmless for the health of the body.

In years, this diet has evolved and today it is more based on high-fiber vegetables which can meet the needs of vegetarians as well.

A Guideline of the Vegetarian Atkins Diet

This diet needs to be followed for 7 days and there are many variations of this eating regime, but here below find our variation of this diet.

1st Day

Breakfast meal:

  • A cup of tea
  • Cheese and onion omelet

Snack: 2 celery stalks

Lunch meal:

  • 4 slices of vegetable sausages
  • Green salad with vinaigrette

Snack: 2 squares of dark chocolate

Dinner meal:

  • Spinach
  • Grilled tofu with peanut sauce

2nd Day

Breakfast meal:

  • Banana smoothie
  • Creamy lemon

Snack: 1 bar with almonds and dark chocolate

Lunch meal:

  • 5 vegetable balls
  • Green salad

Snack: half an avocado

Dinner meal:

  • Steamed cauliflower and broccoli
  • Vegetarian roast

3rd Day

Breakfast meal:

  • A cup of tea
  • Omelet of ricotta spinach

Snack: A handful of almonds

Lunch meal:

  • Vegetarian burger
  • Baked sweet potatoes

Snack: Banana smoothie with black chocolate

Dinner meal:

  • Grilled tofu in Mediterranean style

4th Day

Breakfast meal:

  • A cup of tea
  • A quarter of avocado
  • 2 tofu sausages

Snack: Strawberry smoothie

Lunch meal:

  • Feta salad and dried tomatoes
  • Slices of vegetarian pepperoni
  • Olives and basil

Snack: A few slices of cucumber

Dinner meal:

  • 1 vegetable chicken cutlet
  • Green beans
  • Spinach

5th Day

Breakfast meal:

  • A cup of tea
  • A bowl of banana cake

Snack: A handful of nuts

Lunch meal:

  • Zucchini spaghetti
  • Baked tofu
  • Dried tomatoes

Snack: Coconut bar and almond


  • Italian style tofu sausage
  • Steamed Brussels sprouts
  • Green veggies

6th Day

Breakfast meal:

  • A cup of tea
  • Grilled portobello mushrooms

Snack: Protein muffin

Lunch meal:

  • Vegetarian Steak
  • Spinach


  • Vanilla banana smoothie

Dinner meal:

  • Tofu with walnuts
  • Sliced ​​cucumbers
  • Rocket

7th Day

Breakfast meal:

  • A cup of tea
  • Pancakes with spinach

Snack: Caramel iced coffee

Lunch meal:

  • Tomato and mozzarella salad
  • Green beans

Snack: A handful of macadamia nuts

Dinner meal:

  • Whole rice with tomato sauce
  • Breaded tofu

Note: It is always best first to consult a doctor prior initiating any new eating regime particularly if you suffer from any health issue.



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