8 Natural Remedies to Treat Strep Throat Infection

People have used natural remedies for centuries in relieving and treating certain diseases. They have used a wide range of essential oils, plants, and some fruits and vegetables that have showed potency in the treatment of various ailments.

In this article we shall focus on the treatment of an infectious throat by using natural remedies. Moreover, these natural remedies have been proven by scientists that are very effective.

Sore throat can cause discomfort and pain that can make you stay awake all night. Although not a severe health condition it is still painful, but there is no need for immediately going to the doctor’s office as these natural remedies are very successful in relieving the pain and treating the throat.

A sore throat is manifested with irritation in the throat, pain, and itching that can result in inability to swallow food and liquids. The use of the following natural remedies can provide you with good night sleep as they have the ability to soothe irritated and painful throat. Here they are:

8 Natural Remedies that Calm Sore Throat

  1. Apple cider vinegar

This vinegar portrays powerful antimicrobial effect that can fight off many infections. Thanks to its acidic nature, it can successfully break down mucus in the throat and hamper bacteria proliferation.

Use it in case of sore throat by diluting 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. Gargle this solution and thus relieve sore throat.

  1. Honey

This natural bee-product can be taken alone or diluted in a cup of tea. According to a conducted American study, honey is more effective than the traditionally used nocturnal coughs.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is considered the most powerful natural antibiotic due to its potent antibacterial properties. Thanks to the content of an active ingredient known as allicin, it can fight against pathogenic organisms that are accountable for the caused infections.

A performed study on the potency of garlic demonstrated that the regular intake of a garlic supplement can help in prevention against colds. Raw garlic displays incredible antibacterial activity that can battle against infections and because of that make sure that you have it in your diet.

  1. Licorice root

Thisroot has been used for ages in the treatment of sore throat. According to recent researches it has been confirmed that this root is effective when used as gargle solution. Just mix it with water and treat your sore throat.

  1. Salt water

This is a traditional remedy that can destroy bacteria in the throat. Here it is how to prepare it: dilute ½ teaspoon of salt in a large glass of warm water. Gargle this warm salt water solution every three hours and thus decrease the swelling of your throat.

  1. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea reveals astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant features. You can either drink it as tea or inhale the chamomile vapor. In either case you will manage to alleviate cold symptoms and the ones of a sore throat.

  1. Peppermint

This plant has in its content menthol that thins the mucus and calms sore throat and cough. Plus, it displays antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial virtues that support the healing.

Note: When using essential oils you must mix them with carrier oil like softened coconut oil, olive oil, or sweet almond.

  1. Marshmallow root

This root has in its content a mucus-like substance that acts as coating thereby alleviating sore throat. Just include a small amount of a dried marshmallow root into a cup of boiling water in order to prepare a tea. Consume it 2 to 3 times a day.


If you are taking medications, you should first consult your doctor prior use of any of these remedies. Likewise, pregnant or breastfeeding women should also seek for an advice from a medical expert.

These tips are not suitable for infants and children.

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