See What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Garlic & Honey on an Empty Stomach for 7 Days

We need to properly take care of our body if we want to keep it in optimal shape which will provide us with good health. If you experience fatigue or realize that your body starts to weaken you should start to introduce natural remedies that will boost its defense mechanisms. We recommend the use of garlic and honey remedy that will boost the body’s immunity and thus easily fight off various ailments.

Both ingredients have been proven to be very powerful due to their numerous health benefits and when combined together their beneficial properties become even more enhanced. If you use this powerful combo, just in one week, you will notice amazing results that your body will be thankful of.

The preparation of this remedy is very easy; all you need is the following ingredients:

  • 1 and a half garlic clove
  • 1 tablespoon of organic honey.

Just chop the garlic into tiny pieces and after that combine it with honey, and that’s it, your powerful remedy is ready for consumption.

For optimal effects, consume it on an empty stomach, once a day, for 7 days in a row.

Why is it very effective?

The efficacy lies in the powerful virtues of the used ingredients that boost the overall health and well-being.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has been used for millennia in India but as well as in ancient Egypt or Greece. It was well recognized for its virtues and because of that it was used as a tool in the fight against many diseases and as a natural method of boosting the overall health.

This plant originates from the family of Liliaceae known under the scientific name of Allium Sativum. It plant contains an active ingredient known as allicin that reveals powerful health benefits that can protect the body from even the deadliest diseases like cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute garlic reveals powerful anti-carcinogenic effects, especially in cases of stomach and intestine cancers.

Garlic is an excellent natural antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, purifying and protective agent for the human body. It contains sulfur compounds that can lower blood pressure and cholesterol thanks to which it can prevent atherosclerosis. Scientists have proven that it is a great cleanser of the arteries that have been affected by build-up of plaque. In order to obtain all its amazing properties you should consume it in small quantities on an empty stomach. In this way it will directly attack the present bacteria in the body.

Its intake will better the function of the digestive system by enhancing the function of the liver and bladder. It will lower the appearance of stomach issues and help with the digestion. It has been proven that is a great ally in the fight of asthma, pneumonia, lung congestion, bronchitis or cough.


For optimal effects consume garlic in a raw form. However, if you have a scheduled operation or recently underwent one make sure to avoid garlic due to its anticoagulant effects. In cases of allergies raw consumption is not recommended.

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is considered the wonder of nature that can fight off almost 60 various bacteria. It is packed with flavonoids, phenolic, ascorbic acids, and many other valuable components that contribute to the antioxidant effect thus preventing a large number of health issues.

This natural bee-product was used for centuries in the treatment of skin issues, digestive disorders, chronic coughs, heart pain and lung disorders. It reveals powerful antibacterial properties that were for the first time recognized by Dr. Van Ketel, a Dutch scientist, in 1892.

Honey represents a natural sugar alternative thus successfully managing the weight which in turn will decrease blood glucose levels. If you take honey on daily basis it will help you to fight off the allergic reactions and reduce its symptoms. Thanks to its polyphenol content it can enhance the immune system. It demonstrates a strong antioxidant effect thus preventing the appearance of cardiovascular diseases and other health issues.


Honey should not be consumed by babies that have not reached their first birthday as it poses a great risk of developing infant botulism.


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