7 Reasons Why Farting is Actually Good for Your Health

Every function of the human body is of great value for the overall health even farting. This body reaction may seem embarrassing, but this means that you are healthy.

The digestion gains a lot of benefits of this body reaction and this indicates that there are healthy intestinal bacteria in your body. In our intestines there is multitude of intestinal bacteria that are accountable for extracting energy and vitamins from the consumed foods, boosting the immunity and improving the gastrointestinal function.

There are foods like lentils, dairy products, beans, cabbages, and onions that have high nutritional value, especially complex carbohydrates, but they can cause excessive flatulence. However, they should not be neglected just because they cause farting.

Although this body reaction for most people is humiliating as it is commonly accompanied with an unpleasant smell or sound, it has been proven to be very healthy. Here it is what it can offer:

Health Benefits of Farting

  1. Healthy Intestinal Bacteria

A healthy body means having a healthy intestinal flora and that can be obtained if you consume foods that are high of dietary fiber. This intake of fiber will offer good food transit and the farting is only an indication that your gut is functional and healthy. In average people fart 15 times a day and this contributes to a healthy intestinal flora.

  1. Diet Regulation

The frequency and intensity of your farts can help in choosing the ideal diet for your body. For instance, if you suffer from constipation or do not fart regularly, then this suggests that your diet should be based on more soluble fiber like dates, apples, prunes, pears, etc. If you do not like having smelly gases, then the gastroenterologist Philippe Ducrotte advises limiting the intake of fermentable foods like artichokes, beans, or protein intake like sausages.

  1. Smelly Gases are Healthy

This may sound to you odd, but it is true. The smell of a rotten egg can be very healthy for your body. Namely, this smelly gas releases a chemical known as hydrogen sulphide that can protect you from a heart attack or stroke. According to the scientists at the University of Exeter this chemical can be helpful in alleviating the cellular damage partly accountable in the occurrence of health conditions like heart attack and stroke.

  1. Reduced Bloating

Bloating is a result of an excessive gas in the stomach which can be caused by pregnancy, tobacco, large meal, or anxiety. The bloating can be reduced if you release farts freely. In order to prevent the occurrence of bloating, you need to start eat slowly and chew your food so that to lower the air intake that causes bloating.

  1. Beneficial for the Colon

If you do not expel gases then this will create pressure on your internal organs and the colon will get highly stressed when you are holding the gas for a long time. According to the professor in nutrition, Clare Collins, this pressure can be the origin of abdominal distension and diverticula colic.

  1. Fart Smell Detects a Health Issue

Farts can be very different in terms of smell; some have no smell while others can be really smelly. This intense smell suggests that something is wrong with the body’s digestion and in case of recurrence it is possible that you may have colon issues.

  1. A Great Relief

We all know how relieving when one expels gas is. As a result of this release the whole body relaxes, especially when you withhold yourself for a longer period of time.


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