7 Health Issues Caused by Sleeping with Wet Hair

Having an evening shower can be refreshing, but it can be also harmful, especially if you fall asleep with wet hair. Follow reading and see what this habit can bring to your health.

Diseases and Hair Issues as a Result of Sleeping with Wet Hair

  1. Headache

Going to bed with wet hair means that the hair keeps moisture during the night. As a result of that the body temperature increases, which can lead to the appearance of headaches.

  1. Muscle pain

Due to the change in temperature between the head and the body, muscle pain or the occurrence of severe cramps can appear. Moreover, this change of temperature can result in facial paralysis.

  1. Skin infections

The moisture from wet hair will be transferred onto your pillow and that is the ideal environment for developing bacteria. Due to this build up of moisture skin infections on your head or face may occur. Those infections can be the following: ringworm that is a result of a microscopic fungus that attacks the hair, then psoriasis, an inflammatory disease manifested by red and scaly lesions, or folliculitis characterized by developing red patches which are comprised of small pustules that later on evolve and form a crust behind the top of the skull.

  1. Itchy skin

Going to bed with wet hair can result in itchy skin. Thanks to the high moisture in the head bacteria and germs can easily develop that are accountable for inflammation of the scalp that can lead to unbearable itching.

  1. Brittle hair

Sleeping with wet hair can influence the quality of your hair making it fragile and delicate. This will require special attention, and if you do not offer it that will lead to having a brittle hair. When the hair is wet the cuticles are open, which weakens the resistance of the hair. So, while sleeping with wet hair, you are actually creating friction between the hair and pillow. As a result of this friction the hair fiber breaks. Once you wake up, and do your ritual combing you will notice a fall of a large number of hairs.

  1. Dandruff

Having a wet scalp for long hours it can impede the function of the sebaceous glands which will result in more or less production of sebum. This will hamper the natural pH balance of the scalp that will lead to the appearance of dandruff or very greasy hair.

  1. Sticky hair

If you sleep with wet hair it will result in sticky hair. In case of dry hair, which naturally has more volume as the hair traps air, the moisture will interfere with the air and make it sticky. In the morning you will have difficulty to tame it and because of that it will easily break. On the other hand, the long hair will be intertwined when you wake up.

Therefore, if you want to protect your health and offer the best care of your hair you should wash it during the day and avoid going to bed with wet hair. However, there are instances in life when you need to wash it before bedtime, in these cases make sure to dry it completely before going to bed.


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