10 Effective Tips to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home

Hemorrhoids can be a discomforting issue and people who are affected by them are very familiar with this. This health condition represents a dilation of the veins that are formed in the anal region. It is manifested by itching and rectal bleeding and pain, and it can occur inside or outside the anus and rectum. Aside the pharmaceutical options there are also ways how to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Tips To Relieve Hemorrhoids at Home

  1. Take in more fiber

As per the gastroenterologist Dr. Thierry Higuero in order to successfully treat hemorrhoids the affected person needs first to heal the body from the inside with a high fiber diet. Diet that is high in fiber can lower the bleeding and pain caused by hemorrhoids. Therefore, eat more fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber, then nuts, whole grains and brown rice. Remember to drink plenty of water when consuming products that are rich in fiber so that to prevent constipation.

  1. Free yourself in the toilet when there is urge for it

You should not refrain yourself when there is a need for going to the toilet as this can lead to constipation. This issue can cause abdominal pressure and hemorrhoids. Therefore, if you want to prevent this issue do not hold back.

  1. Avoid sitting for long hours

If your workplace requires long sitting hours in front of a desk, you should try to get up and walk for 5 minutes once in an hour in order to alleviate the rectal pressure that causes hemorrhoids. If you visit the gym, you should not use stationary bikes as they also contribute to the same pressure. You should replace this activity with quick walking for 20 to 30 minutes in order to stimulate bowel function.

  1. Lie down

If you are experiencing pain try to lower the impact of the weight on your painful anal area by lying down and positioning your legs in the air by pressing on a cushion. In this way you will enhance the blood circulation, and lower the pain related to hemorrhoids.

  1. Use witch hazel

This plant can lower the bleeding, itching and the pain thanks to the content of tannins and oils. These compounds lower the inflammation and reduce the bleeding. For that purpose, soak a cotton ball in undistilled hamamelis water and squeeze it against the hemorrhoid.

  1. A tea bag

Tea contains tanic acid that can decrease the swelling, soothe the pain and support blood clotting that will stop the bleeding. Therefore on your external hemorrhoids apply a warm, moist tea bag and thus relieve the pain. As per released study in 2016 in the scientific journal ACS Applied material & interfaces, the compound tanic acid shows anti-inflammatory properties efficient in healing wounds.

  1. Apply potatoes

A compress made of potatoes can be very helpful in treating hemorrhoids as the potato reveals astringent properties. Here it is how to prepare it: just cut a slat-shaped potato and then apply it on the anus area with a tissue.

  1. Use ice

The cold can relieve the discomfort and pain caused by hemorrhoids. The cold can deflate the swollen blood vessels and this will considerably soothe the pain. For that purpose, wrap an ice pack in a thin cloth and sit on it for around 20 minutes. If needed repeat the treatment, but make sure to make a pause of at least ten minutes between each application.

  1. Maintain clean anus area

Instead of having daily shower introduce a warm bath that can allow soaking the anal area in warm water. You should not clean this area with scented wipes, industrial scented soap or alcohol-based because these products may aggravate their condition. Dry this area with a hair dryer and avoid the use of a towel.

  1. Use sitting baths with hot water

The hot water will improve the blood circulation and decrease the swollen veins. Hence, fill your bathtub with hot water, and add a handful of Epsom salts. Once the salt is dissolved, sit in the water having your knees elevated in order to obtain the maximum exposure to the heat of the afflicted area. The presence of Epsom salts will help in lowering the hemorrhoids even further.



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