6 Stretches to Say Goodbye to Sciatica & Back Pain

Sciatica is a common health condition that affects millions of people all around the world. This condition is often caused by a herniated disc, but it can develop due to shock, poor body posture, or pregnancy. It is manifested by discomfort and pain starting from the low back pain and going through the thigh and the leg, even reaching the foot.

This condition can be relieved by implementing targeted exercises for this condition, and although it may seem to you an unusual way it is vey effective. Namely, the person that experiences sciatic pain, needs first to rest for a couple of days, but prolong inactivity can only aggravate the condition.

According to a released study in the Journal of Physical Science Therapy, a specific, controlled and progressive exercise program can decrease the short-term sciatic pain and prevent future recurrences of the pain.

6 Stretches That Can Soothe Sciatic Pain

  1. Wide side slot

Take a standing position with pointed toes forward and spread your legs at shoulders width. Then, lean forward so that your fingers touch the ground. Hold this position for a few seconds and slowly return to your initial position

  1. The butterfly stretch

It is considered the simplest movement, but the most effective one. For that purpose sit on the ground having your knees wide apart, but keep the feet together. In this position entirely straighten your back. If you want deeper stretch, grab your feet and squeeze your knees gently or simply rest with your hands on your knees.

  1. The camel posture

For this one you need to stand on your knees but having slightly spread legs and then position your hands on the hips. The next movement is to bring your arms back and then make sure to point them towards the feet in order for the palm of your hands to touch your heels. You can go as far as you can. Remain in this position for a few seconds and make certain to keep your face up.

  1. Frog

You need to position your body as frog. For that purpose, stand on all fours and spread your knees as far as possible, but you need to keep your heels together. If possible, press gently with your hips so that to bring your chest and head to the floor.

  1. Fold forward

Take a sitting position and then spread your legs as far as you can but still feeling comfortable. Start to slowly move your upper body, but keeping your legs or back straight as if you want to catch something in front of you.

  1. Piriform stretching

Take a sitting position and then cross your left leg on your right leg, but keep your left knee up. You need to catch this knee with both hands and slowly bring it to the chest. Remain in this position for a few seconds and after that do the same procedure with the other leg as well.

Prevention against Sciatica

All cases of sciatica cannot be prevented, but you can try to take some steps to protect your back and lower the risk of its development like the following ones:

  • Exercise on regular basis in order to strengthen the back and abdomen muscles that support the spine.
  • Make certain to have good posture while standing, sitting, or sleeping. Having a good posture alleviates the pressure on the spine.
  • Quit smoking as this nasty habit increases the pain and lowers the effectiveness of treatments.
  • Try not to sit or stand for long hours.
  • Do not stay in the same position for over half an hour.


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