Chinese Medicine Face Mapping Identifies What Part of the Body is Sick & How to Treat It

The traditional Chinese medicine follows body parts mapping in order to detect certain diseases. This has been introduced in the western cultures and it is being followed more frequently.

One of the body parts that that it is related to the condition of the other body organs is the face. Namely, the face can tell us a lot in what condition are our certain body organs and the overall health. This is referred as to “face mapping”.

Face Mapping

The face is commonly being affected by acne, redness and irritation, which are taken as simple obstruction of the pores. However, these skin imperfections can tell us something more about our health and because of that we need to monitor them closely. Skin issues on certain parts of the body indicate certain malfunction of a related body organ.

Forehead – related to the small intestine and bladder

Rashes in the forehead can indicate digestive issues, and in that case you need to keep good body hydration and a healthy diet. You can detox your body by drinking green tea free of sugar. You should try to rest if there is a need for that. Likewise, stress can be accountable for digestive disorders.

The area between the eyebrows – related to the liver

Alcohol abuse and high intake of fatty foods usually causes a rash between the eyebrows as a result of the disturbed function of the liver. Hence, take good care of your liver like consuming healthy ingredients, limit the intake of alcohol and introduce a physical activity. In this way you will support the function of the digestive system and help your liver to function better.

Nose – related to the heart

The occurrence of pimples on the nose can reflect high cholesterol levels into the body. Therefore, try to limit the intake of fatty foods and opt for food ingredients that reveal solid detoxifying action.

Cheeks – related to the lungs

Acne on the cheeks and breathing disorders are related to issues with the lungs. Allergies, smoking, and pollution can affect these organs and thus reflect on the skin of the cheeks. Try to introduce a healthy lifestyle and thus protect your lungs from various ailments.

 Corners of the mouth – related to hormonal imbalance

Pimples that occur at the corners of the mouth and maxillary may be linked to any severe hormonal disturbance. But, have in mind that hormonal imbalance can be a result from other more serious sources like following an unhealthy diet.

Temples and ears – related to the kidneys

The occurrence of pimples in the ears and temples indicates high intake of salt which is bad for your kidneys. This high intake can contribute to hypertension – high blood pressure, and that affects the health of your kidney.

Chin – related to the stomach

Rashes on the chin may suggest gastric disorders. These disorders can occur as well as due to sleep deprivation, stress or eating too spicy food. In order to prevent these occurrences you need to adopt a healthy diet containing plenty of fiber that helps with the intestinal transit.


These skin irritations can be a result of other factors as well. For instance, unsuitable facial products and the influence of bacteria that surrounds you can be the cause for these skin issues. They are not always related to the functions of the correlated body organs. Prior making any assumption, make sure first to consult your doctor.


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