The Proper Way to Drink Water to Burn More Fat & Accelerate Weight Loss

People are more and more facing weight gain due to bad eating habits meaning consumption of too sweet and salty foods void of any valuable nutrients. As a result of that there are more obese people than before. However, weight issue is not only affecting our physical appearance, but as well as our health.

The build-up of fat cells in the body can cause the occurrence of a wide range of severe diseases like type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, or heart disease. In order to protect our body from the onset of these diseases we need to implement healthy foods into our diet like organic veggies and fruits, and by all means avoid the intake of processed and junk foods. But, there is something else that we can all do and that is to drink a glass of water once we wake up. This simple trick can do wonders for our health and body.

Drinking a glass of water after waking up

When you wake up in the morning the first thing to do is to drink a warm glass of water which will boost the work of your metabolism and thus support fat burning.

If you want you can enhance this drink with some lemon juice which is high in antioxidants that will detox the blood from the presence of toxins. It will be of great assistance in the weight loss process as it is packed with dietary fiber that offers the feeling of satiety thus preventing unnecessary snacking during the day.

The traditional Ayurvedic medicine highly recommends the intake of warm water in the morning as it is a great way to cleanse the digestive tract thus preventing digestive disorders, removing toxins, preventing cramps and constipation, supporting blood circulation, and last but not at least losing weight.

8 Glasses of Water a Day

This is the number of glasses of water that the body needs per day, make sure to follow this rule and thus protect your overall health. The recommended daily amount of water is 1.5L of water, but in order for you to easy count, drink 8 glasses of water a day. This is not a fixed amount, if your body needs more water drink it freely; there is no harm in doing that. The intake of water will provide a lasting feeling of satiety, help with the drainage of fats and become a great help in the removal of toxins via urination and sweating.

Should we drink water during meals?

According to a conducted study at the University of Illinois (USA) higher water intake can lower the caloric intake for the day for at least 1%.  Yet, the consumption of water while having our meals will not help with the weight loss. In fact, this is a bad habit that will contribute to dilated stomach, and if you opt for cold water, the fat will not get broken down and in that way remain in the blood vessels which in turn will cause several disorders like cholesterol and heart disease.

The feeling of satiety will not come immediately and because of that you will consume more foods. Hence, it is better to drink your glass of water 30 minutes prior a meal and that will lower the caloric intake which will help you in the weight loss process.

Should we drink water before sleeping?

Good hydration is of vital importance during the day, but not before bedtime. This consumption will not offer a quiet good night sleep which means that you will frequently visit the bathroom. As per Dr. Michael Rouzenfeld of the University of Washington, people who struggle with hypertension should avoid the intake of water before going to bed as this will increase the volume of blood in the body and the pressure at the arteries.

For that reason, make sure to drink water during the day, but stop drinking it one hour before going to bed.


Have in mind that the intake of water will not magically contribute to weight loss, guaranteed results are obtained when it is combined with a healthy and balanced diet and by following a regular physical activity (at least 30 minutes a day). Make certain to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables as they are packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants that prevent the build-up of fat cells.

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