Here are Some Tips to Prevent Spider Veins on the Face

Varicose or spider veins are manifested by small swollen blue or red veins which are visible under the skin. Women are mostly being affected by this condition which is commonly genetic and it does not represent a serious health condition, but more of an aesthetic one. As a result of that most women wear long skirts and pants to hide these spider veins.

But, what to do when they occur on our face?

The exposure to UV rays can contribute to the development of varicose veins and spider veins.

According to Luis Navarro, director of the Veins Treatment Center in New York:

“UV exposure has a direct effect on the skin by breaking down collagen, a tissue that supports and holds body parts together.  When collagen begins to decompose under UV light, the tissue weakens and its elasticity begins to stretch, without returning to normal. A weakened collagen results in a decrease in the pressure around your veins, making them more visible under the skin.”

As per Dr. Tyler Hollmig, Director of the Department of Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology at Stanford Health Care, in California, the spider veins that are found on the face have a bright red color which is probably linked to congestions or redness. They commonly appear on the cheeks, nose, and neck, and their appearance can get enhanced if we consumespicy dishes, alcohol, or if we are frequently exposing our body to the rays of sun or having hot showers. Dr. Tyler Hollmig maintains the following: “Whenever blood vessels are exposed to heat, they tend to expand, making them more visible.”

The question pops up: how to prevent the occurrence of varicosities on our facial skin?

First of all we need to avoid the exposure at the sun or tone our skin. Although, in the beginning toned skin can hide these veins, on the long run the damaging effect is higher while darkening our skin. This will result in weakening of collagen and the appearance of more varicosities and the bad part is the onset of skin cancer. The method how to hide them and that does not cost a lot is by using makeup.Dr. Tyler Hollmig says: “There is also a new skin medication, brimonidine, which helps to temporarily shrink these vessels.

What you can do to prevent the occurrence of spider veins on your face is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30 index. According toDr. Hollmig you should wet your skin every two hours and this applies also when you are inside of a room as the influence of the UV radiation can penetrate the windows. You should also protect your legs as sun exposure can cause varicosities on the legs too.

As mentioned before varicose or spider veins are not a severe health issue, but once you have them they should not be ignored,  but you should take some preventive and protective measures as per the findings of the US Department of Health and Luis Navarro.

If these veins really annoy you they can be treated by the instructions of a vein specialist or a dermatologist. The commonly used method is the laser treatment which is done by sending light pulses via the skin up to the veins. The other method is sclerotherapy which involves the use of needle that directly injects a chemical fluid into your veins which makes them to fade away.

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