Here’s How to Get Rid of Migraine with a Clothespin

Migraine can turn into an excruciating disease making you incapable of performing your daily tasks, put you in bed and even a ray of light can intensify the already terrible pain.

People who suffer from migraines are very much aware of this. One of those people was Elizabeth Hayes, owner of a gluten-free store who suffered for 12 hours in a row and then started her own research how she can alleviate this issue.  She released her discovery on Facebook and almost immediately it was shared by 250,000 people.

After long hours of struggle with the ongoing pain Elizabeth found on internet a natural painkiller called Aculief which is a gadget that implements acupressure for relieving pain. It targets the point pressure L.I4 located on the hand, specifically between the thumb and the index finger and thus soothing headaches and migraines.

However, Elizabeth did not have this gadget in her home and the pain was still unbearable and because of that she went to the kitchen and used another alternative for this gadget, a clothespin. Just like Aculief she positioned the clothespin in the same way and in just a few minutes her pain was gone. Astonished and very much relieved from the positive results she immediately released this news in Facebook presenting her hand and stating the following: “This kitchen tong saved my life tonight. After just one minute, I felt relief, and after 20 minutes my pain was halved! “

Since many people suffer from this health issue her publication was checked by over 250,000 people on social networks, and many have tried it confirming the positive results.

Migraine – a condition that affects 17 to 20% of all adults

There are many causes for its occurrence and 6 out of 10 people can suffer from it without even knowing it. As per Dr. Anne Donnet, a neurologist and president of the French Society, migraine can be divided into two categories: with or without aura. Migraine with aura is manifested by neurological disorders that can develop gradually like vision issues, tingling, dots, shiny tasks, etc. On the other hand, a migraine without aura is manifested by constant pain that can last from 4 to 72 hours. If it is left untreated, then digestive issues and hypersensitivity to light can occur.

Acupressure and Its Advantages

Acupressure is a traditional practice very frequently used by the Chinese medicine. It involves using pressure on specific pressure points which are related to certain body organs and in that way treating health issues. Chinese emphasize that in order for our body to be healthy there should be free flow of energy inside our body. Here comes the use of acupuncture which regulates this flow when it becomes unstable or unbalanced. On the other hand, acupressure as a technique is similar to acupuncture, just in this case instead of using needles we use our fingertips to pressure certain points in our body. It can be used by anyone and we can apply it whenever we want and thus relieve an ongoing pain in just a few minutes.

LI.4 Point / Hegu Point

As per the findings of the Sloan Memorial Kettering Cancer Center, the implementation of this method on the LI.4 point, or the Hegu point can relieve headaches and migraines. This point is located between the thumb and forefinger of your hand. All you need to do is to apply pressure on this point by using your fingertips. Here it is how you can perform it:

Step 1 – position your forceps or your fingertips, including the thumb and right index finger on the Hegu point.

Step 2 – apply pressure for 5 minutes, and if you use your hand perform firm circular movements, but do it gently and not too hard.

Step 3 – change hands and do the same treatment with other hand as well.

Tips How to Prevent Migraines and Headaches

  • Every meal is important into your diet, therefore do not skip meals
  • Check your diet
  • Avoid the consumption of drinks or foods that are too cold
  • Try to take breaks and then breathe deeply
  • Do not stay in places that are too bright
  • Sleep enough


Prior implementing this method it is advisable to seek for an advice from a doctor. This technique is not recommended for the following people:

Pregnant women should not use this method as it can cause uterine contractions and dilate the cervix.

It is not recommended for people that struggle with inflammatory, contagious or advanced osteoporosis.

Likewise, people who suffer from pain in the spine like scoliosis or hernia should not use acupressure.


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