Amazing Health Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

Mother Nature has offered us many valuable and beneficial products for our health like for instance the essential oils. They are great for our lungs and airways offering us the needed relaxation and purification. The diffusion of essential oils is very pleasant for our home and surrounding and as well as for the body.

People suffering from asthma find them very soothing and because of that they should always have them at their home. Moreover, they can be relaxing when inhaled in case of stress or anxiety. The scents from the essential oils are soothing and purifying that stimulate certain nerve areas. In order to obtain all the benefits of essential oils the best way is to inhale them at different times of the day.

How to diffuse essential oils?

This is a simple and easy task, all you need is a quality diffuser and in it drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The diffuser needs to be previously filled with water, and after that the machine does its job by pushing the particles that give off a scent in the air. Have in mind that you should always use quality essential oils if you want their smell to be nicely spread in your home.

Benefits of the Use of Essential Oils

  1. Air Purifiers

The use of essential oils in our home purifies the air and thus elevates the presence of oxygen in our home. When essential oils are diffused in our home the mold-related germs are being eliminated, and as well as negative ion levels, and chemicals that are harmful to our respiratory health. In addition to this, your home will smell really nicely.

As per a conducted study, the inhalation of citrus sinensis and mentha spicata boosts the lung function. However, there is still the need for further researches regarding this matter, nonetheless there is no harm in diffusing essential oils in our homes and thus enjoy all their benefits.

  1. Fight bacteria

Scientists have confirmed the ability of essential oils to fight against bacteria, especially when used on regular basis. Thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties they protect the body against germs. For this purpose, we strongly recommend the use of cinnamon and eucalyptus essential oils.

  1. Reduce chest congestion

If you are starting to breathe with difficulty, then it is quite possible that you suffer from chest congestion. The use of essential oils can help you to naturally relieve this issue. As per conducted study the use of turmeric essential oil can be of great help when this issue is concerned. Therefore, make sure to inhale this essential oil and thus enjoy all its benefits. You can repeat this treatment as much as needed.

  1. Control of cravings

The use of essential oils can help in controlling cravings especially in the case of nicotine cravings. This has been scientifically proven that essential oils have a calming effect on the urge for smoking. The diffusion of essential oils soothes the nasal nerves and its inhalation can lead to an instant relief. The nicotine withdrawal will be easier if you have a vial near you. When quitting cigarettes the use of black pepper essential oil is highly recommended.

  1. Reduction of stress

If you are feeling too stressful, then simply inhale a few seconds a bottle of essential oils and instantly you will experience great relief. Scientists conducted several researches on these benefits and revealed that the use of essential oils can substantially lower stress in people. These products act beneficially when their reduced molecules reach the center of the brain thus offering the needed relaxation. The best essential oils that relieve stress are lavender, ylang-ylang and bergamot essential oils.

  1. Improved sleep

Since they have the ability to reduce stress and offer relaxation essential oils can also help in treating sleeping disorders. In order to treat insomnia you should inhale an essential oil before going to bed. In case of sleeping disorder the best essential oil is the lavender one. According to a performed study the inhalation of scents is very good for people with dementia and for the ones that suffer from insomnia.


Essential oils should not be used in case of pregnancy, or when a person suffers from frequent allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Prior using the essential oils it is best to seek for an advice from an aromatherapy specialist especially when you want to use them for medical purposes.

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