A 30-Day Squat Challenge to Have Irresistible Legs and Buttocks This Summer

There isn’t a person in the world that does not want to have nicely shaped body with firm buttocks and thin thighs. If you are one of them, then stay on this site and find out how you can achieve that in just 30 days of following this slimming guideline.

You can perform this exercise guideline at the comfort of your home, right in front of your TV or in the pleasant surroundings of your garden or patio.

We shall present you the 30-day squat challenge which will make your muscles of the thighs and buttocks substantially stronger. This workout programme does not require any specific equipment or going to the gym. The implementation of this programme will better your blood circulation, burn fat, battle against cellulite, and naturally strengthen your muscles.

Squats can be performed with a very heavy bar on the neck and shoulders, and they are commonly performed by men. However, the female gender finds them very hard so there is no need for them to get your body additionally strained, but there will be still positive results of their performance.

How to correctly perform the squats

Take a standing position with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and a little bit spread the toes and knees. Start with bending your knees to lower your body like you are sitting on a chair, but make sure to keep your chest straight. Once your thighs reach the parallel line with the floor, lift your heels and toes to get up. Once you have reached the top of the movement, make certain to tighten your buttocks.

A 30-Day Squat Guideline

In this guideline you are starting with a series of 50 squats and finishing with the performance of 250 squats. In the beginning you may find it difficult, but as days go by your body will become stronger. Plus, every four days there is a rest day so that your body can recover and rest.

Give this challenge a try and have the body that you have always wanted to have, other women tried it and confirmed its efficacy.

1st Day – Perform 50 squats.

2nd Day – Perform 55 squats.

3rd Day – Perform 60 squats.

4th Day – Rest day.

5th Day – Perform 70 squats.

6th Day – Perform 75 squats.

7th Day – Perform 80 squats.

8th Day – Rest day.

9th Day – Perform 100 squats.

10th Day – Perform 105 squats.

11th Day – Perform 110 squats.

12th Day – Rest day.

13th Day – Perform 130 squats.

14th Day – Perform 135 squats.

15th Day – Perform 140 squats.

16th Day – Rest day.

17th Day- Perform 150 squats.

18th Day – Perform 155 squats.

19th Day – Perform 160 squats.

20th Day – Rest day.

21st Day – Perform 180 squats.

22nd Day – Perform 185 squats.

23rd Day – Perform 190 squats.

24th Day – Rest day.

25th Day – Perform 220 squats.

26th Day – Perform 225 squats.

27th Day – Perform 230 squats.

28th Day – Rest day.

29th Day – Perform 240 squats.

30th Day – Perform 250 squats.

In a month you will get the body that you have always wanted, but have in mind that along with this guideline your body needs other exercises as well so that it is nicely shaped all over it.

The positive results of the squatting programme are guaranteed if they are followed with a healthy diet and good hydration.

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