7 Reasons Why You Should Not Retain Farts

Gases are natural reaction of our body and represent the air in our digestive tract. This air is released via our mouth when we burp and via the anus as gases.

Having air in our body is inevitable as we swallow a small amount of it during drinking and eating, however the amount gets higher if we smoke, drink soft drinks and chew chewing gums. The air that we swallow goes to the intestines and passes through the anus popularly known as farts. In fact, the human body releases gases 14 times a day, which is a completely normal thing.

However, socially farting is considered unpleasant and embarrassing and regardless of this popular belief you should try not to subdue this biological urge as doctors advise the contrary. In order to preserve your health you need to release the trapped air in your body.

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Retain Farts

Here it is why doctors recommend releasing gases.

  1. Relief of abdominal pain

Releasing gases alleviates the pain in your gut and maintains its health, and holding it back can cause abdominal pain and cramps. Here is a nice tip to avoid any unpleasant situation in a public place: in case of a stomachache, gently massage the stomach so that to move the gas along the digestive tract thus avoiding annoying noises.

  1. Help in indicating certain health issue

Farts can be a warning sign regarding some health conditions in your body. If there is a change in odor and frequency of their release then you should carefully monitor these changes and report to your doctor. They can indicate various health disorders starting from food allergies to having a colon cancer.

  1. Reduction of bloating

One of the reasons for your bloating is the accumulated gas in the digestive tract. It can be a result of having a big meal and then the body stores excess water which will make your intestines to produce excess gas. So, allow your gases to be released and help your stomach.

  1. Improve colon health

If you restrain yourself from releasing ages, then your stomach will pay the toll. Patients experiencing bowel problems should not hold their farts as this restraint can only worsen their health condition and cause other health complications.

  1. Reevaluation of your diet

The intake of foods is the essence of an optimal health, and the farts can help you to determine what is missing in your diet. For instance, if you are not farting enough, then this is an indication that your body lacks fiber. Further on, the smell can also tell you what you are eating too much of it or what you eat little. If your gas is smelly, then this means that you are most likely eating too much red meat.

  1. Fart smell is good for your health

It is a fact that is not pleasant, but it is beneficial for your health. According to conducted research the gases that our body releases contain hydrogen sulphide which can prevent mitochondrial damage, and also protect your body from strokes and arthritis.

  1. Farts are entertaining and pleasant

Thanks to this natural process your body will get relieved and in the end it can be entertaining as they are honest and funny.


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