10 Good Reasons Why You Should Introduce Sweet Potatoes into Your Diet

Sweet potato is not only tasty but as well as packed with valuable nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It can be orange, yellow, white, and as well as violet and can reveal a powerful antioxidant effect which is extremely valuable for our health protecting us from the influence of various diseases.

If you have not consumed sweet potato up to now, then it is about time to start as you will gain a wide range of health advantages. It is packed with vitamin C, beta-carotene, and many essential substances highly needed for the overall health of the body. Your body will be grateful thanks to the consumption of this amazing veggie.

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Introduce the Sweet Potato into Your Diet

  1. Lowers the risk of a cardiovascular disease

Diabetics are particularly in danger of developing a cardiovascular disease; therefore they should for sure include the sweet potato into their diet. Namely, this veggie particularly its leaf extracts have in their content high levels of polyphenols which can remove the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins, accountable for the occurrence of a heart disease. These proteins are also recognized as bad-LDL cholesterol which can trigger the progression of atherosclerosis in the arteries. Moreover, the sweet potato is a great source of potassium, which is vital for keeping good cardiovascular health.

  1. Reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics

Contrary to the regular potato, the sweet potato can regulate the blood sugar levels and insulin resistance in people and with diabetes due to its vitamin content. As per a conducted study released at the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the sweet potatoes reduced the blood sugar levels in volunteers suffering from diabetes. The most effective was the sweet potato known as “Beauregard” which has pink skin and orange flesh.

  1. High in beta-carotene and vitamin A

This veggie contains valuable nutrients, but thanks to the content of beta-carotene can regulate vitamin A deficiencies as per a conducted study involving children. The positive results in improving the levels of vitamin A in these children were published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

  1. Enhances the vision and eye health

Diabetics are at most risk of suffering from eye damage and because of that they need to have regular check-ups. This issue should not be neglected as it is of crucial importance for these patients. The article released by the Journal of Community Eye Health states the same thing. Therefore, patients with diabetes should consume more foods containing beta-carotene which later on in the body is being converted into vitamin A. One of those foods is the sweet potato which also produces vitamin A thanks to the beta-carotene content thereby protecting the health of the retina.

  1. Regulates blood pressure

Thanks to the rich content of potassium this veggie can regulate the blood pressure in the body. According to Dr. Josh Ax, a clinical nutritionist, the taken potassium from the consumption of fruits and vegetables like the sweet potato is an efficient way of regulating highblood pressure. The optimal effects would be achieved if this consumption is accompanied with a low sodium diet.

  1. Prevents the occurrence of colorectal cancer

As per a conducted study released by the Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, this veggie has in its content anthocyanins which have a protective role against colorectal cancer. On the other hand, the multifunctional phenolic compounds will end the cell cycle and some other proliferative mechanisms.

  1. Protects from ulcers

The study on the ability of sweet potato in cases that are still in vivo stage reveals substantial benefits of the use of sweet potato on gastric problems. This study is released at the Functional Foods in Health and Disease reporting anti-ulcer properties of sweet potato tubers especially beneficial for the treatment of peptic ulcers.

  1. Helps digestion

It contains fiber which is very beneficial for the good function of the digestive system. The sweet potato promotes the health of the intestines by removing the harmful toxins from the body. Thanks to these abilities it keeps healthy metabolism and protects the body from constipation.

  1. Powerful anti-inflammatory effect

The content of anthocyanins present in the peeled and unpeeled sweet potato show powerful anti-inflammatory effects which is very important for diabetics which suffer from an inflammatory disease. These compounds according to researchers reduce the rate of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and moreover they have the ability to induce apoptosis (death of cancer cells) highly beneficial for cancer patients.

  1. Betters memory

Due to the content of anthocyanins content, the consumption of the purple sweet potato can enhance the cognitive functions of the body like the memory. The antioxidant properties of this veggie have showed positive results in vivo studies, hence there is a hope for great results in human research as well.


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