5 Important Things Everyone Should Know About the Different Blood Types

The human body is run by blood and not every person has the same blood type, in fact there are four types of blood group. The blood group can determine your personality, health, diet, compatibility and how you interact with people. Therefore, you need to know which is your blood group and once determining it try to follow certain characteristics that can be very beneficial for your daily life.

There are certain foods that can be very beneficial for your blood type and thus improve your overall health.

The naturopathic physicist Peter D’Adamo is an author of a book that has published diets that are suitable for each blood group. These diet recommendations were released by Harvard Health Publishing.

Here are his suggestions:

Beneficial Foods for Each Blood Type

  1. Blood Group – A

This blood group should consume seafood, tofu, turkey, fruits and vegetables. Foods like dairy products, corn, red meat, and red beans should not be consumed.

  1. Blood Group – B

People having this blood group should follow a diet that is based on fruits, protein, cereals, dairy products, and seafood. They should limit the intake of corn, wheat, white meat, and peanuts.

  1. Blood Group – AB

The AB blood group should consume fish, seeds, dairy products, tofu, and vegetables. Make sure to lower the consumption of kidney beans, white meat, buckwheat and corn.

  1. Blood Group – O

It is recommended a diet high in fruits, vegetables, protein, fish, and beans. But, make certain to reduce the intake of seeds, corn, wheat, and dairy products.

Food and Exercise

For more efficient weight loss the determination of the blood group can be an effective way in losing weight. If the intake of foods and following a physical exercise are adapted according to the blood type, the weight loss will be very successful.

Here it is what Mark Moon, a fitness coach states regarding this relation:

“I see a big change in the body of my clients when I adapt their training to their blood type […] In addition to working in a biological way, it allows them to take a different perspective; they have the impression of training from the inside “

  1. Blood Group – A

People in this group often suffer from high levels of cortisol, and because of that a diet where vegetables and fruits dominate is recommended for them. In terms of physical activity the most optimal ones would be climbing or swimming.

  1. Blood Group – B

In order to lose weight consume fish, green vegetables and dairy products. Combine intense exercises with meditation.

  1. Blood Group – AB

The physical activity needs to be combined with a diet high in seafood served in small portions. It is best for these people to follow a personalized training program that targets different parts of the body.

  1. Blood Group – O

The diet should be rich in protein along with following up an intense exercise.

The Blood Type Determines the Personality

The blood group determines the traits of a specific person and this connection was first revealed in 1927 by Takeji Furukawa, a teacher who released an article in the Journal of Psychological Research.

  1. Blood Group – A

These people are compassionate having a great sense of organization. Therefore, people in this blood group are born leaders that will effectively lead any team.

  1. Blood Group – B

They are friendly and very sociable with other people, and are pretty disciplined when they want to achieve their goals. Meditation is very important for their well-being.

  1. Blood Group – AB

These people approach life with a rational mind, but they have that inner and quiet strength that allows them to overcome any obstacle or problem.

  1. Blood Group – O

People belonging to this blood group are confident and very practical. They can be very attentive and easily show empathy for other people.

Blood Compatibility

Not each blood can be given to every person as they are not all compatible with each other.

  • Blood Group A receives blood from groups A or O and can give it to groups A and AB.
  • Blood Group B receives blood from group B or O and can give it to groups B and AB.
  • Blood Group AB can receive blood from any blood group, but it can only give to group AB.
  • Blood Group O is a rare blood group and it is a universal donor but it cannot receive the blood from the other blood groups except from its own group.

Plasma Compatibility

  • Blood Group A receives from groups A and AB and gives it to groups A and O.
  • Blood Group B receives from group B and AB and gives it to groups B and O.
  • Blood Group AB is a universal plasma donor but it can receive it only from group AB.
  • Blood Group O is a universal receiver but it gives it only to the blood group O.




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