5 Feet Exercises That Will Help Fix Back Pain

Many people suffer from back pain which is a manifestation of health conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis, obesity and overweight. It can occur as a result of stress, carrying heavy loads, or stress. In addition to this if your job requires long sitting or standing hours and you keep bad body posture you may be affected by back pain.

This condition can be soothed if you change certain habits and introduce exercises beneficial for your back.

Our back is very important for the mobility of the body. This solid body part is consisted of cervical vertebrae, dorsal vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx. It supports the whole body and protects the spinal cord, which is a vital cord accountable for the distribution of nerves and nerve impulses in the central nervous system.

Therefore, we should do something for our back and thus keep its health. We need to exclude certain daily habits that influence our back and by all means introduce a regular physical activity which will make our back stronger.

There are exercises that can be of great help when we experience back pain and their performance can easily relieve this issue. These exercises relieve muscle tension and stretch ligaments and in that way lower the ongoing pain.

The 5 exercises that we shall present in the text involve the use of your feet. Our feet are also supporting the whole body and carry the body weight. In them there are 2000 nerve endings of the whole body and the micro-traumas and the tensions felt in the feet can radiate to the shoulders, change the position and favor back pains. Therefore, by alleviating the feet, you will manage to relieve the back pain.

5 Feet Exercises against Back Pain

  1. Circles with ankles

For this movement you will need to use a yoga mat. Take a lying position on your back and start bringing your bent knees up to your body. Hold your legs with your arms and start making circles with your ankles by going left to the right and vice versa.

  1. The anterior tibia

For the performance of this exercise you should get an elastic band and a chair. Sit on the chair and put the elastic band on your right foot toes. Next, stretch your right leg and push with your toes, pulling slightly with the elastic, meanwhile your left leg needs to stay bent. Release and then make 20 repetitions by changing legs.

  1. Toes curled up

Aside the chair you will as well as need a towel. Lay the towel on the ground by placing it at the foot of the chair. Take a sitting position and then grab the towel with the toes of your right foot, and then scrunch it over and over. In the end, try lifting it up with your foot. Do the same movement with your left foot and after that with both feet.

  1. The raised heel

Take a straight standing position in front of a chair and place your left leg on it. Next, gently bend your right leg and start lowering your body down and then go back up. Do 10 repetitions and after that change the leg and repeat the same procedure. While performing this exercise make certain to keep your feet well aligned with your body.

  1. Walking on the toes

This is a simple exercise which we have all performed as children. Stand on your tiptoes and keep this position and start walking on your toes, putting your feet outward, for around half a minute. Next, repeat the walking on the toes by pointing your feet inward. After this make a pause, and repeat the exercise two to four times.


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