Quick Diet: Lose 3 Pounds in 1 Week

Having weight issues is very disturbing for most of the people and if you are in the process of it then you know how tiresome and frustrating it can be. No need for worries as in this article we shall present you an efficient diet that can be of great assistance in the weight loss process. During the process of this diet you will receive the needed nutrients and at the same time lose all those unwanted pounds.  The positive results will appear even in the first week of its use, therefore do not hesitate to use it.

In order to lose the designated pounds you need to be diligent with strong self-control which for most people is a real ordeal.  Delicious foods are everywhere around us and when we are supposed to be dieting they seem to be even more appealing than before.

However, the diet that we are about to present will offer great results in just one week of use and because of that it is worth to try it and for sure follow it. It is based on a simple menu that you need to follow.

Here are the ingredients that are used in this diet and the benefits that they reveal:


This citrus fruit is extremely healthy due to its amazing properties. It is packed with vitamin C and reveals incredible antioxidant features. According to the Journal of Nutrition Research lemon juice is very beneficial in decreasing body fat in overweight people. Plus, the intake of this fruit can facilitate better digestion.  As per the expert on weight loss, Pip Reed, the consumption of lemon is very beneficial for the body especially when the liver, our main detox organ, gets overburdened with the build-up of toxins.


This fruit belongs to the same family of lemon, but its addition to the diet contributes a lot in the supply of the valuable nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium.  Hence, it is extremely important ingredient while dieting.

Eggs, white meat, and yoghurt

Eggs and white meat are “high quality” protein sources according to the Journal of Food and Nutrition Research.  This was proven by scientists in a study comparing low and high protein diets, and these two food products revealed the best content of proteins.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) the average daily protein intake in a healthy adult should be kept at 0.66g protein / kg body weight.

The intake of proteins in this diet is not limited; therefore you can consume white meat to your weight requirements and thus maintain a healthy metabolism.

On the other hand, the presence of yoghurt will supply your body with calcium, zinc, vitamin B and protein.

Menu for Quickly Losing Weight

Breakfast meal:

  • Once you wake up immediately drink a glass of water combined with lemon juice. This beverage will purify the body from the presence of toxins and initiate the work of your metabolism. After 30 minutes of its consumption eat two apples or two oranges. You can replace these fruits with grapefruit as well. Consume a handful of almonds, nuts, or hazelnuts which are packed with protein and healthy fats. This consumption will provide you with the feeling of satiety and thus preventing unnecessary snacking.

Lunch meal:

  • Eat white meat according to the requirements of your weight with steamed green veggies. Have in mind not to overdo with the consumption of white meat. You can drink a yogurt made of goat’s milk.


  • Consume a tomato and lettuce salad seasoned with olive oil and very little salt.

Dinner meal:

  • The timeframe of the consumption of this meal is very important since it should not be consumed after 18h. This meal is based on the consumption of 2 hard boiled eggs, accompanied by a cucumber salad or a green salad seasoned with olive oil and little salt.

This diet is very effective in lowering the daily caloric intake and it will prevent you from all that unnecessary evening snacking.


Lemon should not be consumed if you are on antacid drugs. If you consume lemon, then you should wait for 3 hours to take the medicine. People with peptic esophagitis, gastro esophageal reflux, and hiatal hernia should also avoid its use. The intake of lemon may cause irritation of the lining of the esophagus or cause epigastric burns.

Grapefruit can interact with certain medications and cause great damage, therefore make sure to consult your doctor prior taking this medicine.


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