Everything is in the Palm of Your Hand: Press on These Specific Points to Eliminate the Pain

Reflexology is a great massage technique which is implemented in order to relax the body and lower the pain. The reflex zones of the hands and feet are referred as to plantar or palmar nature which is directly related to various organs. Therefore, the stimulation of the reflex zones will offer the intense feeling of well-being and relaxation.

However, most of you avoid the relaxing massages due to lack of motivation, time or even money. But, there is nothing like a good massage after a hard day at work.

Origins of reflexology

As per the Branch Reflexology Institute and the Irish Reflexology Institute, the origin of reflexology goes back than 2,330 BC. This technique was traditionally practiced by the Native Americans, and some African tribes, but in the western world it was introduced in 1913 by Dr. William Fitzgerald. He is the founder of modern reflexology who showed great interest in the reflex zones and the corresponding organs in our body. Dr. William Fitzgerald was an auto-rhino-laryngologist who noticed how some of his patients have become anesthetized when he applied pressure to certain parts of their body. He managed to do minor surgical operations without anesthesia just by putting pliers at the end of their fingers or by wrapping elastic in the middle of each finger.

This type of massage has been used by the Chinese for more than 5000 years for the treatment of various issues. The palm of the hand can reach all the areas of our body and when we are experiencing certain pains the massage can lower and even subside the ongoing pain.

You are familiar with the foot reflexology which you can perform at the comfort of your home, but the palm massage can do amazing things for you anytime and anywhere you want to perform it.

This massage can be practiced at your home, office or on your way home after a hard day at the working place. The reason why this massage is so effective is because in the hands there are over 3000 nerve endings which when stimulated offer the feeling of well-being.

Health Benefits of Reflexology

There are plenty of scientific and clinical researches on the benefits that reflexology can offer to your body which has been released in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. According to a scientific conducted study in Switzerland patients who applied reflexology showed positive results in their treatment. This has been proven to be an efficient complementary treatment.

This study also reveals that the implementation of reflexology can be a natural way of battling stress. By performing this massage the body will release endorphin, which is a natural component produced by the body to alleviate pain. The use of this massage will break the repetitive stress cycles which we experience on daily basis.

For optimal effects scientists advise the practice of several sessions so that to get positive results. One time session can influence the stress felt the same day, but the introduction of regular sessions will better the overall condition of the body. Due to the fact that the nerve endings in the reflex zones of the hands correspond to many parts of the body the body experiences pain relief and overall well-being.

How to perform palm reflexology?

You should use your thumb and start gently pressing the palm in order to locate painful areas of your body. When you recognize the afflicted area, you should press and hold for 5 seconds. After that, release the pressure for 3 seconds. Then, repeat the application of the 5-second pressure again and continue with the same procedure. Do this massage for a few minutes.

In a week you will experience great relief thanks to the performance of these pressure movements once a day.


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