Combine These 3 Foods to Clean the Fat of Your Liver & Improve Your Eyesight

Most of us are leading really unhealthy lifestyle which lacks physical activity and diet filled with processed foods. In addition to this, our body is constantly influenced by the harmful effects of the environmental toxins and everyday stress.  As a result of all that our body is being faced to the influence of many diseases which in the end will deteriorate our general health.  The most affected organ by the toxins in the body is the liver that its main function is to remove them from the food we consume. However, due to the immense impact of the toxins its job is being impeded which leads to various issues.

If you want to keep your liver healthy you need to drop all your unhealthy habits, especially drinking alcohol, smoking, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and consuming unhealthy diet. Along with the new healthy lifestyle you should consume foods beneficial for your liver like beet, oranges and carrots.

Not only the intake of these foods will cleanse the liver, but as well as improve your vision.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists the following health risk behaviors:  smoking cigarettes, lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, and alcohol abuse. These four behaviors are at the root of most diseases, and main causes for premature deaths.

People who are at most risk of getting a fatty liver or medically known as hepatic steatosisare overweight people, diabetics, people who are consuming excessive amounts of sugar, people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or having a heart disease.

The combination of the following three beneficial foods will boost your overall health, clean the liver and better your vision. Not to mention the fact how refreshing it can be.

Needed Ingredients:

  • 2 carrots, organic
  • 1 beet, organic
  • 4 oranges, organic


Just place the listed ingredients in a juicer and the resulting juice drink it every day.

Health Benefits of the Ingredients


This veggie is loaded with vitamin A, a highly beneficial nutrient for good eyesight. As per a conducted study by the National Center for Epidemiology and Population Health at the Australian National University, the intake of carrot can protect against night vision difficulties, particularly in the older generation.

Other foods that are beneficial for your vision are the green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, and green cabbage. These vegetables are packed with compounds valuable for the vision, lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the retina from damage.


This root has in its content active compounds known as betaine and polyphenols. These compounds are antioxidants which are very important for our body as they can protect the body from the harmful effects of the free radicals. Additionally, it has been revealed that dietary intake of polyphenols and vitamins prior surgery can be very beneficial for the patient. Namely, these nutrient antioxidants can decrease the complications and postoperative mortality. As per a conducted study by the Department of Medicine at Semmelweis University in Hungary the intake of beet acts very positively on the liver function.


This citrus fruit is high in vitamin C and fiber. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant which neutralizes the damaging effect of the free radicals. According to performed studies a higher level of vitamin C is related to lower riskof high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and stroke. In an animal study the intake of orange juice treated hepatic steatosisin diet-induced obesity mice. Hence, this juice could be a great prevention of hepatic steatosis.

These foods are abundant with antioxidants and reveal anti-inflammatory features which will boost your energy levels, regulate blood pressure, improve vision, support blood circulation, and successfully cleanse both the liver and colon.

Therefore, once they get combined they become a powerful natural remedy.

Have in mind that this remedy cannot help you if you are dealing with an acute condition and because of that you need to seek for an advice from your doctor.


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